While Filming In Camden Market In London... ... Only Just Recovered From A very Bad Flu.

Camden Market Is Food ...Food Is Camden Market

I didn't say much in the film simply because I was absolutely astounded by the sheer experience- the crowd I saw on mid Thursday morning. It wasn't lunch time yet the people nattering away in foreign languages mostly tourists took my breathe away! The food court  is very diverse with global food across Continents. My favourite Pop-up Kitchen is Yorkshire 'burritos' when Yorkshire pudding meets Mexican burritos!! That was my magical moment! 


The one hour 45 mins boat trip I took from Camden Lock to Little Venice was quite an experience although I didn't like the grime water however mooring behind Regents Park and London Zoo was more than a thrill! I must treat my little ones to this experience in warm summer months.  


It also made me realised that we don't explore our London enough or probably don't explore its hidden treasures in tourism. Indeed, London as a multi-cultural society has multi-faceted heritage, medley of melting pots we really need to discover. Sad to say, I actually counted black faces there_____not quite 4 so my people are always conspiciously missing in action! why?            

OMG! The Size Of The Sumptuous BURGERS!

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