Today Is A Gift

Frozen Bitter leaves

That is why it is called a present! The word today is synonymous with present.

That gift include the joy of cooking and eating what tickles our fancy. Though I'm low on meat, oxtail, stockfish and smoked catfish will make their grand entrance into my onugbu soup. Savouring every swallow balls will be the ultimate highlight of the week.

Now confession time! Monday morning confession may sound familiar if not hilarous though I rather think it is comical. So after pre-booked my gym classes, I failed to turn up due to combo of tiredness and laziness after a hectic weekend. Did I feel guilty? Hell no!

Instead I walked into a Nail Salon for pampered PEDICUREBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin.  It wasn't planned just one of those spontaneous and impulsive moment that gives you heady thrills. Gym suddenly became a distant thought, ofe onugbu now central already salivating and relishing this afternoon swallow.

A sharp pain brought me back from my reverie when my pedicurist pulled a cuticle skin while rambling away in chinese! My face grimaced with pain at her cruelty later turned to a huge smile with reward of generous tip for her handiwork.

G R A T T I T U D E (gratitude & attitude). Today and everyday is a gift from God we should enjoy as a PRESENT!      


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I am Already Excited About My 2nd Book

Very exciting time to say the least. I worked really hard for this book that is so different from my debut book Eat With Pleasure. The 2nd book based on research findings was quite tough to complete. I have decided to give myself a break from writing another book for now besides it is too expensive and draining. My manuscript has been submitted to my publishers done and dusted.

There will be a book tour in the UK and Nigeria in 2019 to talk about my books and meet my fans God willing. My author's profile photo was done on Friday but didn't like it so I have to go back to the professional photography studio to get another one done. My publishers have been phoning leaving emails, sometimes I believe they check on my websites to keep track of what I have been up to. I have the most incredible team Charlotte Lazenby,Vanessa Diaz (Production supervisor), Dorothy Lee (Check-in coordinator), Glen Garcia and Abel Turner (marketing team) who have worked so hard for book promotion. Meanwhile I have to provide a written permission from the studio to my publishers before they can use the photo on my book per copyrights regulation!    

Igbo Ofe Onugbu/Ukwughuo Efere Etidot Is Live In The Kitchen

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Sorry My Kitchen Has Crashed So Can't Load Kitchen Food Video At The Moment. 

It Will Be Resolved Soonest!