Don't I Love My Americano?


'Don’t eat with your mouth open….only a horse chews with mouth gaping……..don’t talk mouthful …take your elbow off the table…sit up straight don’t hunch back’. Someone is reading the Riot Act from the next table to her somehow unsettled kids at the coffee shop. My eyes have been following this family like a hawk. Me and my busybody amid half-term table manners or drama more like!


From bored kids who run around uncontrolled in the supermarket aisles to noisy kids at family fun day at the local gym. I’m not complaining___ I once had kids you know…just saying. As parents we’re still unsure what to do with our kids during half-term. You would think a total different activity might be a good idea from the usual- bowling, McDonalds, KFC (pls don't take your kids there, horrible place!), a day trip to the seaside, swimming, and the library. Ahhh ­­­­­­_______the least favourite place ­­­_____don’t ask me why! They sit there chew their pens/pencils between sneaks on their nintendos. Let’s just agree anywhere away from home will suffice or so you think.


Listen, these kids would rather be with their friends at school than spend leisure time at home with their parents. Again ___don’t ask me why! Teach them how to cook for a change. Let them 'play cook', make chocolate cake something simple like ginger house cake nothing complicated. And let them tell you stories, yep! Read good interesting books with them. Kids don’t like half-term or long hols stuck at home.


My busy body eyes are still fixated on this family. I crane-looked in their direction smiled back sheepishly at lady barista with newscaster smile perpetually fixed on her face who has blocked my view thankfully she swiftly walked past. The little one in the family __the youngest poked out his tongue virtually cleaned his plate…every bits of food scraped from his plate nothing left! ‘Daniel ___you better finish u food so we start leaving now___u hear me?’she faced her other kid, a slow eater struggled through half-eaten food. 'I kiaan finis mi food mum’….he moaned.


My male barista with strained smile God knows how long he has been waiting with my coffee and banana cake…..’do you want anything else madam?’…….eager to rush to the next table. Back from my transfix ‘not for now thank you’ .... just about what I could mutter my eyes barely away from the family making their way out …. very noisy exit. My drink ___my favourite ‘Tall Skinny Americano’ __large size with semi-skimmed milk in case you’re unfamiliar with 21st century culinary terminology. I mean who cares!  But there you go!!            

I Doubt If You've Spent The Week Unplugged. If You Did Let Me Fill You In.

No it isn't about No Deal-Brexit or the other deal (Deal or No Deal TV game). Or will I mention Atiku in court, Brussel, referendum votes, voiceless Theresa May, anti-semitism, Trump dodgy hair cut🦔, Naomi Campbell and little Liam from 1D, JLO multiple engagements{#smileys123.tonqueout}. Let me share with you what matters most. My heartfelt prayers to the victims on Ethiopian Airline and those innocent kids killed in the collasped building in Lagos. May Their Souls Rest In Perfect Peace.🙏          

Tonite Dinner

My Homemade Minced Beef With Mushroom & Spinach. Yummilicous!


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Boiled Rice

Chopped Spimach

Individual Oven Baked Potatoes

My Very Homemade Minced Beef With Baby Spinach/Mushroom