Customer DIS-service

This Dialogue Btw African Store Owner (SO) and Young Male (customer) spoken in Nigerian broken pidgin English proves Customers Can't Always Be Right.   

Customer: Madam u get waterleaf? (madam do you have waterleaf?)

SO: How many? Take the one wey dey outside. If e finish ____I go bring more inside.

Customer: I no wan dis ones….. e don spoil…….bring the ones inside.

SO: nothing do am….they just arrive…..

Customer: If u know wan sell am ….I go go somewhere else….oooo......a beg no waste my time.

The store owner didn't respond while I stood by watched struggled to stifle a laugh. Instead she gave him a disapproved look turned round faced me .....'sorryooooo have you picked your foodstuffs ....... do you want something else?' I thought we'd heard the last of the rude customer guy....... 

Customer: madam…….u wan sell am or not? Make I no waste my time here..ooooo..

I witnessed the duo dole out insults and innuendoes at each other like well-timed stage actors. The customer guy in his 30s or so, the store owner lady in her 60s both Nigerians. I did throat-clearing impatient desperate to be served. The young guy certainly pride himself in the ability to shock or entertain with his rudeness. This is London when you step into African food stores you drop your guard and go all the way naija! Though not necessarily in a rude way but positively with nostalgia. 

Would this Nigerian guy talk to customers service staffs in mainstream superstores Walmart, Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Costco et al like he did to this lady? Equally, would the store owner be off standish with her customers the way she was with this guy in a bigger main stream supermarket?     

Nobody wears insult well never mind older person. The broader question is how do you handle customer service problem in the market? The truth is customer care does not exist in such places. You get the smooth and the rough, it is where you can’t return unwanted products for a refund or exchange never mind an apology for poor service or rude behaviour.  

Nothing Beats My Home Brewed Fresh Coffee.


So I walked into McDonalds to get coffee and McDonalds apple pie _____the best in the whole world! I couldn’t wait to get my tired feet rested and savour my treat. I pulled a chair to sit within seconds two morbidly obese couple are between me and my coffee.  The woman’s huge butt was already on my face gulped down McDonald Double Decker burger. Her arms rippled with wobbly fat she walked her big bulk struggled to get herself on a seat. Why would anyone this huge eat double size hamburger, large fries and large milkshake with all the health warnings we hear every day how unhealthy junk food is linked to obesity?     

Black Supermarket Security Guards Should Get A Life!

They are predominantly black guys in uniform standing by the store entrance doing surveillance or whatever. Some work behind the scene with close circuits TV. Am I the only one who might notice they tend to follow black shoppers around the stores invariably pay less attention to other shoppers, including the real thieves?  I may not know how a thief looks like but they make it seem as if shoplifters are mainly blacks regardless of how these shoppers they follow behind look nothing but a thief. Again, how does a thief look like?

I shop at high end supermarkets as well as pound /dollar shops depending what I am looking for. These security black guys always follow black shoppers as if ‘ na only black people dey tif’!!!