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Key To a Good Facial Skin

  • Avoid too much greasy food, too much junk food is a no no !
  • Cleanse your face daily before and after make up.
  • Don't go to bed with your makeup on.
  • Drink plenty water to flush out toxin from your system.
  • Late night is bad for your skin, you want to wake up fresh as a daisy flower
  • Exercise more to boost circulation.
  • Always eat good quality balance diet- fresh food, not the staled rubbish ones left at reduced prices. Your health is priceless!

                                                F A C T

  • Expensive skincare products will not guarantee a smooth skin for someone who is prone to junk food 
  • Shop around for good quality skincare products at affordable and reasonable prices
  • Yes! you could be paying for the posh packaging of high brand skincare products, possibly 50% towards its brand name. Meaning you are paying for the tag as well as the product. 
  • We've all bought so called brands when vaseline or coconut oil could have produced better result.
  • Make-up settles quickly and nicely on a smooth clean skin than blemished acne prone skin. 
  • You should not have acne or pimples  if you aren't a teenager. If you do as an adult, you are careless and don't look after your skin. And stop picking the spots on your face. 

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