Rivers Native Soup

Rivers Native Soup- Please test out this dining concept from Rivers State.

This hearty soup is my favourite soup of all times! As much as I like Edikang ikong and afang and other soups, this indigenous dish from Rivers state is light, rich with fresh seafoods- whelks, prawns, periwinkles, crayfish, and mussels. Of course fresh fish is the key ingredient.

Depending on individual cook, dried smoked fish and stock fish are added to enrich flavour, taste and texture.  Cocoyam is used as thickener and fresh uziza leaves also for additional favour. These ingredients complete a nice colourful and enticing soup. I can’t have enough of this soup with a nice smooth ‘draw’ pounded yam or hot yellow garri.  100% fish and seafood version of rivers native soup is my preference for ingredients that are mostly seafood; light and crunchy. Plenty hot pepper is a must for my seafood dish! Whenever I am in Port Harcourt, I always order it 1st thing in the morning with the hotel restaurant to prep it for my evening dinner with my friend Linda. Rivers women and Efik women cook the best soups in my opinion!

 Talking of which my next topic is………..

Efik Men              

They get bored easily hardly anything amuses them. You see them spend so much time arranging and re-arranging their white handkerchiefs! Can’t even hold a conversation for long, always looking lost.  Efik women are hardworking and industrious, toiling day in day out like Trojans while the men in their lives disappear for days or weeks doing rounds of baby mamas, visiting mmè èkà  nditòr. That's where their minds are! 

People sef!         

Wait___ ooo. Why is that when you phone certain individuals they say ‘ am in a meeting’ when you can clearly hear rumbling of public transport in the background? You inquire if you can arrange and meet. They say they’ll check their diaries. In some cases, you hear kitchen noise with clattering utensils ……they say ‘ I’m in my study finishing my write-ups ’.  All these people with pretentious front hyping up their status and self- importance …..a beg una leave me alone   oooo!  While you continue checking your diary for the next meeting just remember that people who have study in their homes and attend various meetings don’t hold this kind of conversation.


Headline News Hypocrisy Behind Gang Culture

Gang culture ....fight each other...supply drugs to the upper middle class who are doctors, powerful lawyers, affluent enterpreneurs, royalties, musicians both men and women. They can afford and finance their drug habit whether class A drugs or what have you. Thugs you see loitering in street corners are just errand boys. These drug mules work for the big middle men dealers suppliers to the top hierarchical echelon in our society and their graceful posh parties. Posh drug users create lucrative markets for suppliers. The poor kids who get killed everyday are just vulnerable baits used by these powerful rich in our society.      

These pretentious affluent individuals are hiding in their mansions while our black kids, drug mules, the silly and stupid ones are on the street running dangerous errands and getting killed on the street fighting postcode gang war. Wish these evil rich drug users choke on their next cocaine line, overdose pass out or even PASS ON just like the poor kids on the streets. A scorching inferno awaits these evil doers in hell. They will not escape God wraths. 

As for those ones on social media blaming single parent, absent fathers or mothers and continue ranting rubblish shame on you! You have no idea what these poverty stricken inner city kids are going thru forgeting that society does shape individual either positively or negatively. The affluent drug users are the ones that leave their mansions and hang around inner city ghettos to feed their unhealthy habit and pretend they are holier than thouThumbs downshould take the blame. Shame on them!.👎