African Food- R E V I S I T E D

My SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is african food explosion to maximise social media interest. African food scene and restaurants are taking over capital cities globally. London's food scene is rapidly changing eager to feed its diversed tastes. So needless reiterating; for re-cap click below please. 





Which Kid Doesn't Like 'draw' Soup ....As My Son Calls It ? See What Afro Food Explosion Has Done To Our Okro.

Cyber Stalkers Please Respect Boundaries

A gentle reminder to Facebook creeps looking for chats. I use social media solely to address issues raised in my books. Other things are trivialities. I don't clamour for Facebook friends as my profile of only 34 friends speaks for itself. Too many crazy creepy people out there. My 3 websites take so much of my time.  Asking me 'how was your night? '..... .......messenging day out ....sending pleasantries is cyber stalking! Why is my night life any of your bloody business? Rude people. I am sick & tired of BLOCKING & UNBLOCKING people who came back begging to be unblocked.

Social media is full of LONELY HEARTS ...please go look for them there! Now you know why I have been unsurprisingly uncool.