Good Housekeeping

Time to De-clutter

Fridge/Freezer and food cupboards are probably the most neglected and the least place to find things in the kitchen where old staled moulded foods are buried long forgotten for months at worst a year! That time of the year people realise how much we’ve neglected our fridge/freezer. Time for total clear out of all the unwanted expired, time to clean both interior and exterior gleaming replenish with fresh foodstuffs. Make room for the large Xmas turkey, lamb, chicken, beef and more.

I woke up early this morning did a complete clear out of my fridge/freezer. Found food items I’ve been looking for months, that I’d re-purchased stockpile took more space unnecessarily. Impulsive purchase makes us buy what we’ve already had with too many food items in the fridge leading to food waste.  Kitchen, pantry, food cupboards, and glass cabinets often neglected are proned to dusts and dirt need our urgent attention. Let’s get the kitchen ready clean & gleam for Xmas.         

Get All These Cleansers From Dollar/Pound Shops. Toothbrush Will Reach Small Grimed Corners Large Cleansing Tools Can't Reach.

Use Long Duster To Reach Cobwebs On The Ceiling, Behind Storage, Worktops, Corners.

It is also the time of the year people re-evaluate their lives, plan ahead with promises of almost everything positive and progressive. Basically with certain hope to renew their old selves with New Year resolution. How realistic is that hope? New year resolutionists at my gym who turn up early January quickly disappear by few weeks resonates promises almost impossible to fulfill .People too eager to welcome the new year say scornful bye-bye to previous year are usually horribly disappointed unable to fulfil their goals. I don't do new year resolution, won't promise what I can't keep or might resolve to keep as long as I can. Too stressful.     

Perhaps we should focus more on issues we face everyday- replace anxiety with serenity, discouragement with courage, discontent with contentment,  brokeage with heavy bank account. Get rid of fairweather friends you spend all day listening to their woes; the ones who don't care a hoot about your problems. Start from a very clean gleamy slate focus on positive energy. If someone doesn't like you back the way you like them____ then time to mind your business leave people alone.  

Let's wrap up 2018 with joy and thanksgiving eminently my turn to win jackpot lottery and share with my friends. Yes I will Crying!    





C H E E R S ! Everyone!