Street Food: Joel's Sizzling Sea bass In Brixton Market, London

Before I share the video, let me just say the followings:

My camera was wrongly configured, i mean wrong angle before big grammar kill me here. The background was somehow noisy with police sirens chasing some crooks down Brixton God knows where!


It is street food, so expect all the paraphernalias of 'mamaput, buka' when proper customer service is out of the window. You'll be lucky if you're able to get a spot to squeeze in. The main focus is food and that's what matters!    


I always ask for permission before my camera starts rolling for all the right reasons as you can imagine.   

You Can Hear Me Jabbing Away Like A Voice Over! Oyinbo Will Be Wondering Why This African Woman Is All Excited! …..And The Laugh....


I am going to baby-sit tomorrow right through the weekend for my grand daughter so I won't have time to post tomorrow Friday hence the sudden change in plan.    

I would also add that personally, I source out my guest appearances via email enquiries or a walk-in at various restaurants. I am keen on people willing to share good food stories though I am very selective subject to my approval.