How To Cook OXTAIL MEAT Easier & Quicker

Okay, let me rephrase it as a suggestion – this is how I cook oxtail easier and quicker! Oxtail is a tough meat and can take longer to cook. I’m here to show you how to make the whole cooking process of oxtail meat a time saving experience and great saving on your gas or electricity bills. Please watch my video see how I cook my oxtail tender and soft. Enjoy! 



CoolI rely on my HUAWEI phone the best for photography and high end iPAD to capture best moments. Filming and talking same time are stressful and challenging bloggers experience behind the scene. It can't be easy and will never be. Celebrities get everything done for them by experts. Unfortunately, I don't have such privilege yet, hopefully with time things will get easier. I am still learning the rope so additional stress can't make life easier. Most times, I feel physically exhausted filming outside in the heat. 

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I Don't Take Myself Too Seriously Although My Kids Think I am A Poser. I Like To Describe Myself As Africa Amazon. Ding Dong!😅😅😅

S T O C K F I S H Is The King Of Most Nigerian Dishes No Rival,

Excessive 'kosimrok' Ingredients

Such as kpomo, cowfoot/leg and shaki are rubbery meats though popular with rich tasty texture they lack nutrition value. Instead, snails, whelks, crab, periwinkle and other seafoods are better for soups. Besides, as you get older your metabolism/digestive system slows with age resulting in excess fatty deposits left in your as body fat/body weight for those who don’t do regular exercise to lose excess body weight. Still wondering what is kosimrok ? It is Yoruba version of orishirishi- assortment of meats. I try to keep ingredients in food simple and healthy so it is up to individual preferences.

Next Week, I'll Share A Video/Film Illustration Of How To Cook PARTY JOLLOF RICE With Basmati Rice