Ever Wonder Party Foods May Not Be All It Seem To Be?

Food expertly laid out in chaffing set with waiting and serving staffs in uniform couldn't be more professional you would like to think. Behind all that there are horror stories shared on Facebook with evidence of very bad food served.      

Party Food Horror is nothing new! 


Who Cooks These Party Foods?

Food so bad I was told invitees are now bringing their home cooked food to events they are invited. I heard event organisers subcontracting food to individuals who are not qualified caterers clueless about food & hygiene standards, food cooked in the most unhygenic conditions that would probably put you off our naija party food for life. People have been sharing photos of bad food served at parties. Una no fear God b4 person die of cholera!!!

Event Organisers Need To Vet Their Cooks.

Are You aware of the hygiene situation where these foods are cooked?

Do You Check Quality of Meat, Chicken, Vegetables Bought in Prepping  and  Cooking these meals?

Do You Not Think That One Big Mistake Of Multiple Food Poison Can Cause You Loss of Earnings and Bad Reputation?

Una Well done ooooo!

Please We Need Good Standard of Food At Naija Party Scene before Someone die of food poison.

Una dey hear????