'Waiting' Worries

Food and personal appearance of waiter/waitresses are grey areas only very few people would want to talk about yet no dinner wants to be served by pimpled Peter or acned Angie showing up with unsightly red spotty face. A low wage waiter  with personal hygiene flaw is unattractive for business. He or she may contribute to keep cost down and reduce overhead for restaurant business but can be counter productive in the long run.

I felt nauseous when a pimpled waiter brought my uncovered edikang ikong soup. A friend who was with me shrieked embarrassingly with horror! Trust our people for melodrama. No way should a waiter with such personal hygiene flaw serve in a restaurant. Regrettably, some restaurants ignore this problem because they're cheap and affordable labour but risk driving away their customers who won't hesitate to go elsewhere. I've heard too many complaints about certain eateries diners vowed never to go back there.   

No 'Spotty' Waiters Please

Fancy Joining 'Supper' Club

Where food lovers take turns to cook each other meals. It is where you share cooking tips and recipes, a trend popular with young millennials. In my opinion the city guys and ladies who dine out a lot hardly cook at home but don't mind rustling up something to impress their new lovers on date nights!

Supper clubs are set up in exclusive posh London restaurants. Google search and join___you never know ___you could meet someone - your soulmate!  

Well, I belong to a different generation terrible conservative so 'supper' club won't wash for me simply because I really can't share my kitchen space. Years ago, when I had guests around for dinner, one of the ladies went into the kitchen stirred the soup, scooped and tasted it___licked the spatula wooden spoon which is a no__no unwritten kitchen rule. Scoop a little bit on your palm and taste it should have been appropriate.      

It Reads ' you are a gentleman....LOL.

Blogging Is About Taking The Rough And The Smooth.

See comment I received from a certain Kaysea Jenkusky__ a response to my gang culture post. Everyone is welcome to share his or her view or feedback here so long as it remains positive and constructive, no offence! This is not Facebook where people are fighting and calling police. 🤣🤣