Say It With Love

chaai….Who Says Romance Is Dead?

After all the fancy valentine love sausage I guess we are back to basics. Besides, my soup and eba were ready-handy to top up before hunger kill me in the night. Meanwhile, a scoop at Naija trending news met with outrageous eye-popping OTT valentine red roses,heart-shaped cakes, and many well-timed love and engagement proposals on the streets, airports, and private jets. 

Frustrated by lack of romantic meal photos to review ____few encounters gladdened my heart. And none other than seeing Remi Tinubu determined not to miss a moment of this global phenomenon ____couldn’t hold back a big wet smacker kisses on her fragile less amorous husband. Have you seen the photo? Poor man challenged by old love almost bewildered, confused gave a weak smile back clearly not to offend! Worreva!!!Wild

Drama Everywhere

Now, who says lack of drama makes life so much easier? I disagree _____drama is the spice of life if we are honest. Simple life without drama is a boring life. Drama doesn’t have to be negative though with exception to Nigeria election 2019 halted in a last minute drama last night just few hours  to the polling stations 'to ensure a free & fair election _____proceeding with this election as scheduled is no longer feasible’- Mahmood Yakubu.

I made a promise to myself not to be politically active on my blog so folks PLEASE do not leave political comments here. I studied Advanced Level Politics & Local Government so I'm very much conversant with all the arguments and debates going on that I really don't wish to engage in on this platform. Let's just leave it at that.   




So Saddened by the passing of one of my favourites black authors- ANDREA LEVY. She told her stories in ways only she knew best. Born & bred in London Windrush diaspora community her thoughts were never far from the challenges of multi-racial Britain. RIP.  









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