Book Launch / Book Reading /Book Conversation

One of my marketing consultants gave me a good old telling off yesterday because I announced on my blog that there will be no book launch this time for my new book My African Restaurant Adventure-Branding Afro Flavour. Abel Turner says it as it is without mincing his words.

The conversation got somehow heated when I told him that I advised people to order direct from AMAZON. Bomb! He got more furious and said my fans would prefer signed copies of my book therefore they should buy directly from me.As I couldn't get a word in edgeways and, being in a noisy supermarket mid afternoon plus the April heat slowing everyone down besides I was too hungry to argue so just had to give in. One last clip round the ears was that I must start now and promote my product with a book launch because this brilliant book deserves to get every publicity. When you are a protege with people looking after your interest, you have to listen.  

I don't usually hold back, do I? I really don't need someone to lecture me on the pros of advertising campaigns, no doubt any good product deserves to reach the right target market and its audience. Delivering your product to the right place requires good investment and that translates in spending big time for advertising campaign. Abel Turner is a brilliant marketing consultant so let's leave him to do what only he knows best.

Moving forward I will organise a book launch sometime with a date and venue to be confirmed. I have already started this conversation with a very nice lady who has voluntered to help.                                           


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