Side Plank

Sharing Yoga Poses With Meghan Markel

Images of Meghan Markle shared are COURTESY of Mail.Online. 

Information Used On This Website Is Solely To Share yoga goals for Nutrition & Weight Management Purposes.


Akon Margaret Kalu

Certified Nutrition Coach  

The Warrior Pose Is Quite Easy, It's Beneficial For Core Strengthening When Legs Are Lengthened.

The BOW Pose Was Challenging- A Higher Range With My Hands Wrapped Round My Feet, Meghan's Lower Range Hands Wrapped Round Her Ankles Was Definitely Less Challenging So I won!. The Score AMK-9/10 - Meygan 8/10

Here Your Butt Takes All The Body Weight. It Was Tough The Key Is To Carry On Breathing Focus & Look Ahead.

This Is A World Class Pose! When Your Mother Is a Yoga Instructor What Do You Expect? I have To Be On Liquid Diet For Six Months at 9 Stone To Attempt It. You Don't Eat Pounded Yam And Expect To Carry Your Body Weight In this Incredible and Magnificent Pose. I Hail Thee! Our Future Princess! ❤Akon Margaret Kalu❤

My Personal Poses Were Photographed This Morning Today Tuesday 12 Dec 2017 Before My Class.

I rushed in from the cold outside to settle before the class. I didn't have enough time to warm up so felt a bit stiff and less flexible as it could have been better. 

What was I even thinking when I had abak soup (banga) and pounded yam last night!  You don't eat heavy food and expect to be flexible I should have known better.








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I Get Excited & Liberated With Yoga, It's Energizing & Brilliant For Core Strengthening. One Hand Supporting My Whole Body. I ❤it.