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As parents, we are selfiess teachers, the ones who have the temerity subtly teach, direct, instruct and believe in our children. As catalysts, we propel our children to life of confidence and greatness. Parents who shout scream at their kids, please pay attention. Understand that our children are not our property. They are gifts from our Maker-God. Treat them with respect. I am not a perfect parent for I've made mistakes. Yes! I've raised my voice, few times, not excessive to silent my kids, make them fearful of me.    


I project tough love for correction, not punishment. Punishment doesn't feature in my household- it isn't the best option for putting kids in the straight and narrow. Indeed, punishment won't change unruly child. Parents are duty-bound to raise their kids as best they can, implicitly bouyant with unconditional love. Understand raised voice and shouts won't resolve issues except keep them quiet, distant, fearful and measured for a while. Some culprits who subscribe to my blog here are reading this post, should be aware that the damage is huge and irreparable. 


Indeed, I've witnessed friends and family rain abuses on their children physically and verbally. Screaming and shouting can be counterproductive cause emotional and psychological damage that neither solve any domestic issue nor diminish familial discontent. Whilst I don't always pay too much attention to psychoanalysis nor Freudian behavioural theories, when you strike the bottom pane of your children potentials, you knock off their confidence. You want to exert discipline, such that parental love isn't sufficient, that goes beyond sufficient a.k.a unconditional love.       


Laid-back, less ambitious kids might need extra pushing without being 'forcefully pushed' above their comfort zone. Just enough to keep them in line with discipline and potential. You want to steadily work around their comfort zone, be the best they can be. Essentially, our children are our love, blood, pain, glory- conjures all the desire everything we ever wish for. Our joy.


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Checklist Based On My Youth Empowerment Workshop 2004 London Community Project With Rev Les Isaac, MBE

  • Bond with your children, lend them your ears, failing someone not nice might be talking to them, make your kids pay less attention to you. Misery finds company.    
  • Attend Parent-Teacher Evenings- get to know your kids teachers- Research shows teachers pay extra attention to pupils whose parents are directly involved in school activities. Kids of absent parents are likely to be low achievers. 
  • Talk, don't bark at your kids.
  • Listening to them is beyond paying attention, be extra attentive to them.Absent fathers/mothers pay plenty attention please. 
  • Create time specifically for them- football matches, choir, piano lesson, swimming, games.
  • Cuddle, kiss, say ' I love you' to your kids. African fathers/mothers take note mbok!!! 

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