Why I Find Solace In Writing

It is where I hide and disconnect from unncecessary distractions invariably find my space. It is where I put pen on paper switch off and scribble my thoughts and off load those feelings. Seemingly, it is where I don't write stories instead I tell my own story from a personal perspective. It helps me deal with stress and anxiety in the knowledge that I live my life with a purpose that doesn't include anyone's approval.

I am blessed with wonderful friends but there are few that I have given enough chances that I feel it is time to reverse it. As we don't all have the obligations of transparency, I believe the choices they make are entirely their prerogatives.However, my focus right now is to get African food story out to the world angst no one was remotely interested whereupon I found my niche. Why write about something you may have already known or heard? A niche exist where very little interest is expressed. Is that the meaning?

Writing a beautiful narrative is pointless if no one gets to read it hence the transition from blogging to publication of discourses about food nutrition and popular culture. What's your own story?  



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