My Favourite Fish Monger In Brixton Village Market

How I discovered BOURGEOIS Snapper and Octopus With Detachable Penis In Brixton Village Market

I was so happy to reconnect with my fish guy in Brixton Village market ( forgotten his name!). A very nice guy and his missus should be the place to get your favourite fresh fish.

That aside, I wanted a different fish with minimal bones, thick flesh, yummy and ofcourse value for money quality without breaking the bank. 

Tilapia was definitely OUT! The one you see everywhere at events and parties just wondering why they can't serve salmon for a change after paying thousand of £poundk to caterers/event organisers. I was tired and bored to my eye balls with bony tilapia biko!!!

So I checked on my fish guy (still can't remember his name) and his missus to help choose something different. They came up with this bourgeois snapper with its suggestive name indicating probably affordable to bourgeois class  (upper middle class) privilleged few. 

I didn't buy it as I couldn't justify the price !!



This BOURGEOIS Snapper is described as King Of Fish. sold at £44.59. Not surprising with its suggestive name probably worth every penny if you can afford it.

Fish De-Tour That Included Octopus With Detachable Penis

Was shocking and a new experience when his missus pointed at different strange species we can eat or others have been eating. Indeed, if you've eaten chinese food including their delish Octopus soup I guess you would have eaten octopus meat (including a taste of the detachable PENIS!) so no need to fretWildWildWild.  

I bought POLLOCK Fish and King Prawns whilst wondering why GOD didn't create RAPISTS with detachable penis so it would be easier to 'yang it off' and flush it down the loo.