Or You Risk Calcium Deficiency

I once worked with a lady who cut out milk completely because She Didn't Like The Taste. Guess What? Her hunch back Was Worse than a Camel's. Ever heard of THE HUNCHBACK of NOTRE DAME?

Not Funny. The last I heard her hunch back Was really bad. This lady drank black coffee for years without milk plus she hated any diary products.  It is risky and dangerous because you risk calcium deficiency such as risket, Bowed leg and X -leg and other deformities. 

Another New Health Warnings As If We Have Not Had Enough Already.

A Nigerian lady visited me when I noticed she was really struggling to walk. I asked why she was leaping. '' Hmmmm...auntie, she reluctantly said I'm on this diet.....oo. They said I Shouldn't eat garri/eba..oo! Not even milk auntie....I can't climb stairs ...ooo. See me ... My knees just dey pain eh...'' 

Please see your doctor before you start a diet you are not sure about.  

You Need Calcium For Strong Bones & Teeth.

Black people & Asians suffer more than any other race from calcium deficiency. Top up calcium by occasional sunbathing. Take advantage of the Summer heat but don't over expose yourself. Drink enough milk and eat food rich in calcium found in breakfast cereals, bread, Yam and plantain.