Be The Person That ONLY You Can Be

We hear so often as if we are the same or alike. Ain't we all different and unique in many ways? I have been described in my book review as 'different', 'quirky', and 'outspoken'. I may just  add ' punchy' with my choice of words.

My sense of humour and tenacity to every word I would say is my style of writing. I would rather not publish than compromise, indeed, the quirky side of me. I am of the school of thought that strong content is the best marketing ploy. 

My Blog Is To Inform, Inspire, Educate And Share Healthy Lifestyle And African Food Heritage. Please Show Appreciation And Respect At All Times. Thanks

Where's People Sense Of Reality?

I got caught up in webs of apologies this week so much that my hands hurt from scribbling apologies to soothe people's fragility. I wish I could get apologies for thousands of religious generic posts that have been circulating since the last century!

It is my turn to ask people to refrain from asking me to 'say hail Mary' a million times, then type AMEN! before sharing with 20 million people worldwide.

Are you kidding me! Please don't laughoooo.    

There will be no more post from this platform to the person prone to fragility and sensitivity. Thrice since January 2017 I've had to apologise to this person needlessly. Please you wouldn't want to know her pains from her dramatic egos going UPANDAN! 

As said earlier because we're different and can't be the same we  should learn to tolerate one another's faults or weaknesses. Please do not get too upset with GIF images and some WHATAPPS posts that I sent bearing in mind I wouldn't know what can EXCITE or UPSET you.