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I am Akon Margaret Kalu. I am a very happy mother of 2 with two granddaughters ; Nyla and Maya. Grandmma role will always be the most important role I cherish more than anything else.

I am a qualified nutrition coach. Nutrition is a branch of science that deals with nutrients; healthy food. You can also describe me as a food blogger if you are familiar with my regular blog posts.

About My Book

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My book resonates food and culture. It is rhetoric where food is celebrated, how our food plays integral role in uniting people. Nothing unites people than a great meal. My book is also about my relationship with food and why i am encouraging you to eat with pleasure and celebrate food at all times. My Book debut was challenging an exciting experince for me;the book launch at the iconic Foyles Bookshop, flagship branch in Charing Cross, London was exemplary.

Never underestimate you are too small to do something big. I believe you must have unshakeable confidence in your skin, know your real worth even when you are metamorphosing and still learning for improvement. I hope I do well as this is important to me.  

 About My Website 

What started as a hobby quickly turned to a food blog. I have been updating my followers with various food debates; what to eat, what to avoid and countless health warnings. Writing gives me incredible amazing vibes I cannot describe. This venture is a huge step; indeed a big step but I enjoy it. Writing has always been my passion since childhood which is why I have decided to fulfil my dream and take that passion to a different level. It is the desire to express my thoughts, feelings with that impulsive need to put pen on paper at every opportunity.  

My Healthy Approach

My holistic approach to keeping fit comes from my interest in Ashtanga Yoga which incorporates intense physical stretching and balancing in different poses. It is soothing and relaxing for the mind,body and total wellbeing. 

Whilst my interest in intense exercise regime has diminished over the years, my passion for cooking healthy food has not changed. I cook simple nutritious food like pasta dishes and salads. These food are quick to prepare and the ingredients are available most seasons.

I will be updating my blog regularly with regular review of West Africa food, share how to prepare healthy African dishes with recipes using Yam tubers, plantain, coco yam, sweet potatoes and spicy chilli.


My 2nd book- My African Restaurant Adventure- Branding Afro Flavour (2018) was published in April 2018 and my debut 1st book Eat With Pleasure- A Celebration Of Food was published 23 January 2017.Please get a copy from AMAZON.COM and Barnes & Nobles bookstores worldwide. 

Recipes and food on this blog are created and prepared by me. Please feel free to contact me with any queries on my email or follow me on my Instagram page @Pure5712 and my Twitter handle @margaretkalu1