What's With All The Fancy Foods

I use my blogs and books to celebrate traditional African food and cooking techniques, I mean grandmmas cooking methods, none of these contemporary fusions and remixes. 

As Seen Online- Fried Plantain In Dusted Flavours

Is That How We Will Be Frying DODO Plantain? Chaai!!!!

Frankly, I am not too keen on remodelling and fancy fusion of African foodWildWildAfrican food ke!!!! looking more like artwork.

How can it 'belly ful' our people big appetite used to large portions. Food decorated with 'live' plant, hibiscus flower sprinkled on tiny portion of impoverised jollof rice. Go to Instagram see shredded beef and 'crystalized ' crayfish soaked in milk and honey. Thumbs down



Reaction From a very Unsatisfied Customer who can't spell Steak.( stake 👎😆). Trust Our Naija People Quick at Put downs.

This One Is Something in Crayfish....... crayfish & butter ke!!!

When Afro Flavour Turns Afro Fever!

I guess African food revolution is about modification of our cuisine to entice foreigners ; a step to achieving international recognition.

Will this be the demise of 'swallow' and orishirishi soups? I doubt it!