Why I Love Blogging

I have been asked why I love blogging. Reasons are many for now let's say I am almost addicted to sharing stories & keen on individual's response. Equally, my blog visitors can't wait to check what I have off my sleeves 'cause you never know!

Any situation can translate into a story in any blogger's mind and that's the day blog contents already loading. I have incredible curious eyes that can't miss a thing darting everywhere with so much mental notes.

For someone who gets bored easily, writing gives me instant vibes unleashing va va voom. I don't watch TV much as I prefer listening to TALK RADIO- my favourite being LBC Radio in London where I often join in the conversation. Don't I love argument? Please don't start!!!! 

Writing numbed my pains when I went through a very difficult time in my life. Right now, I am in a happy place writing & updating my 3 WEBSITES



I am almost half way through my 2nd book based on African restaurants adventure due out in January 2018. I don't go out much, hardly socialise which I should to fish out blog contents. Trust me I don't need to leave my home to source out news. I hardly phone people or return calls! Now you know why you don't hear from me. 

I will provide valuable advice for people who post REGULARLY on FB to consider creating a blog and see what happens. Why waste time in pointless chats on FB when it can be more productive in other genre? We all have HIDDEN TALENTS please use it well !


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