The Woman

Like it or not the rules have shifted, fallen into the hands of women with powerful academic voice. A man is one tier higher than her though she prefers to be on the driver's seat. Man and woman now wearing their commitments to each other like heavy perfume.

The woman is now using her voice more like crickets chirp, birds squeak, ducks quack ____proof that life exist. Instead of hiding, she blossoms through her trouble. She embraces failure for growth. Don't be shamed to submission when you're down. Take a lone time to collect your thoughts. Don't forget women are like cats, they land on their feet from a fall and just walk away gracefully. Through adversity, you become stronger in the understanding that man and woman will always have disproportionate platforms.

The woman must wear her crown with pride, adjust it when life shakes her, dust herself down up, maintain her unrestrained aura and glamour. Live your life with a purpose that doesn't include anyone's approval. Life has evolved beyond conservatism and outdated archaic tradition that dictates what you should or shouldn't do. Contemporary woman is buoyed by the books she reads. Engage herself positively in theatre, poems, library, sports and recreations et al.

Good education sets her apart .....makes her a reference point. Let your passion consume you. Exercise, lose weight, eat well. I have more energy now than I did in my 30s. Be thrilled to see your vision become a reality so you're able to interpret your vision beautifully.

Woman, don't let a man define who you are and don't even wait for their approval____liken it to waiting for Lazarus to resurrect. A very scorching inferno in hell awaits egoistic men who don't support their women. I may not be everyone's cup of tea for pressing the wrong button. It is what it is! Do I enjoy the banter? Yes of course! _______  I will not change for a million dollar.

Enjoy Your Weekend!Heart


Akon Margaret Kalu