Sometimes It Is Necessary To Ruffle Few Feathers

Alarming Covid-19 Black Death Toll Has Been Trending And Should Be Addressed On This Platform. Care Agency & Care Home Owners Should Protect Their Staffs Unconditionally.

As we are now in the 4th week forced 'house arrest' please stay safe, stay healthy, don't raid the fridge, stay active, follow my weekly lockdown exercise. 

We Should Protect Each Other Be Our Sisters And Brothers Keeper. Our People Should Not Be Dying Needlessly. Profits Over Lives Is Evil And Should Not Be Condoned Should Be Condemned.

You can waste your time if you assume that I am attacking your care agency or care home business. My take is ensure your operative requirements are in line with the law of the land. I believe there is a certain degree of recklessness causing this huge tragedy, if only preventive measures were adequately implemented.