What Self-Care Rituals Do You Have? It Is About What Makes You Happy. Check Mine For A Starter.

  • Good food for mind,body,and soul. I make time to sit down and savour I mean really tuck in, refuel energy.
  • I write long-hand before transcribing to type, a knowledge of shorthand would help with hindsight. I write and talk about mundane things, nothing complicated.
  • Writing for me is a vocation less of a job. If you think you can make real money writing you better think again. I'm so bemused and somehow irritated at people assumption if only. I use my books to capture, reminiscent vanishing African food heritage, a transition to modernity- new trend in pop-up kitchens; African food revolution. I yearn to be appreciated by my readership.    
  • You need to escape somewhere and reading does that for me, anytime. Last couple of months, I've been sourcing out Nigerian authors. I've rediscovered Wole Soyinka books. As a student studying A level English Literature I found his books/novels flawed by unnecessary big grammar. Does he really understand some of these jargons? That was then, I've just finished reading his book AKÈ and IBADAN. Buchi Emecheta does prose while Soyinka is a classic poet! They deserve all the accolade as writers. 
  • Gym is where I keep my anxiety at ease. Gym is a normality that blends into my daily routine. I will be an emotional wreck without regular workout. I don't go to gym to lose weight, don't have weight problem; it goes beyond keeping fit. I'm always amazed how yoga has woken up my body.     
  • Unprovoked hurts should never be entertained. You don't need negative energy in your life. Be nice to everyone but dread carefully; you will never know what's in the minds of perpetrators. They're bad for your health; unhealthy. You don't need them. Trust me I've experienced few. Friendship is about friends adding value to your life. Failing dump them😎
  • Above all always give praise and thanks to God.

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