Only a Very Determined Strong Willed Dieter Will Choose Salad Instead Of Moi Moi

My Personal 5ive Food Facts

1- Yo-Yo diet occurs when diet is too restrictive to sustain (I know someone who raided the fridge after Weight Watchers Class and stopped attending the class completely). She came back from Weight Watcher meeting  very angry & hungry told me they were after her money ( she paid £5 per visit then in the 1990s). That was her 1st & only and last visit. She never went back! This happens when you give up easily & return to your old eating habit and regain weight.

2- Comfort eating refers to eating to relieve negative feelings, depression, anxiety and anger! True to form, many will relate with this oooo! We attack food with vengeance when we are down with despairs. 50% of people binge eat have been depressed at some point in their life.

3- Salad though very healthy and highly commendable is bland, boring and less enticing. To enjoy it better,additional condiments eg nuts, seeds needed for tastier and better texture. Salad should  be added to your daily meals for improved health.

4- Food high in saturated fat, sugar and salt is bad for you and should be eaten in moderation. Fish & chips, hamburgers and pizza from your local takeaways and most frozen commercially prepared meals are not as healthy as homemade prepared ones.      

5-  Binge eating is an unhealthy behaviour similiar to smoking, excessive alcohol consumption. It is dangerous and can be highly addictive. Avoid It.