Pitch Your Blog

People have rushed to set up websites only to abandon it before it even took off. In Africa, everyone wanted to be another Linda Ikeji whilst unprepared for certain unforeseen challenges they might face. Blogging is hard work Linda Ikeji started as a hobby blogger until businesses started approaching her the rest is history. Today, fashion stylists, make-up artists, vloggers (video loggers), fashion models, life coaches, and authors are all over You-tube and Webinar (web-base-seminar); online seminar/ conferences dishing out advice left right and centre making money via Online subscriptions where you register log in for weekly or monthly watch them jabbing away.

It is a minefield out there, however, with the right tools and the right marketing strategies many online businesses have been successful. That said, don’t start sharing LIVE videos online anyhow from your homes without a thorough understanding of how these things are done. People still stuck on Facebook about time you change gear move the conversation from other social media platforms e.g Facebook to your blog. The more you post on these platforms the more you increase their traffic it translates to attracting businesses for them that should have gone to your blog. It means you're working for them for nothing. Facebook arguments and banters generate traffic for social media entrepreneurs. They love it!

Perhaps a little research will put your mind at rest to avoid mishaps that can lead to overexposing yourself as well as eliminate unfiltered mistakes. Remember at a mouse click ____it is out!      

The Key

Not everyone is a gifted writer. Let's say if you’re unable to write an interesting story of 300-500 words on one page in 15-20 mins I mean persuasive storyline ensuring your audience are fully engaged then writing is probably not for you. 


Minor mistakes are expected in write-ups however certain errors that should have been checked for correction prior to posting should be avoided.   

Grow Your Audience

My audience has grown via my books so when I blog I tend to maximise SEO so people can find me for the topic they are searching for online. For example _____ when people like Lucy in Moscow are searching for the benefits of bitter leaf, google search engine will pull the subject or topic over therefore maximising my readership. Hence why you  must always remember to register your website URL (Uniform Resource Locator) with Google before going live online. If you don't nobody will find you.  Facebook is not your domain so don't rely on them besides they have full control and won't give you much exposures. 



Ha Ha Ha..... MANSIZE TISSUE Debate!

It started during a shopping trip when a young boy asked his mum why MANSIZE...... if women can use the tissue? Talk of opening a can of worm! The poor little lad had probably seen gender distinction so took language like this seriously. So my dear women.... are far do we go ? Where do we draw the line? Is naming of a mere tissue threatening you?  

Mansize 'cause it slightly bigger and thicker! Women taking this tissue seriously must be mad so they now want it called extra large tissue. Honestly this is a piece of nonsense!Thumbs downWild  I rest my case.

Have a nice Sunday!   


MANSIZE To Extra Large... ...Here We Go !