Yesterday Sat 25 Nov 2017 Food Shopping With One Of My Besties Lady Mrs Elsie Wuche

When you set out shopping, you never know who you will bump into! Yesterday encounter with one of my besties Lady Elsie sums up a typical  surprise on a busy Saturday afternoon. Boy ! did we enjoyed our shopping trip nattering away in 'pidgin english' reminiscing challenges and future uncertainty. Moments with grandchildren, growing up with childhood sweethearts now 'geriatic' husbands sounded like Jane Austen's novel Sense & Sensibility       

Grandmothers In Trendy 'Boyfriend Jeans' or Is It 'Distressed Jeans' ?

Whatever! We had grandmma teenage moment razz youngie look with ONYE MMA YA hat (sorry should've taken photo) hitting the pavement trust me dragging down prices in every meat, fish and veggie shops and stalls in Rye Lane. We went gallavanting about an hour or so until natural intervention 'dodgy knees' warranted looking for Nigerian ROB for our knobbling knees powerful enough to shift the pain. 

Na lie o you can't cheat nature! I bought 2 ROB as my knees have been playing up for weeks with all the gym torture not surprising. Next we went to buy ogbono for Uncle Mike's Saturday Special soup. The shop owner was on the phone on international call to naija same time dipping her hands into okro soup and pounded yam! I checked the time 12.05 pm! chaai.

Elsie and I picked what we needed, waited to be served and pay. For where!  She was still on the phone to Lagos between struggling to serve us. Elsie was already getting irritated by this woman's antics told her in no uncertain terms to start serving us now biko and leave the phone alone!

'Madam e bi lik say u go lif dat fone begin serve us o'

I laff well well! The lady meanwhile didn't even bulge until more customers came waiting forcing her to abandone her swallow and okro soup to attend to us.