The Power Of Story Telling

I believe we all have stories that resonate with our past and present define who we are or perhaps shape many ways we behave. Each and everyone of us surely has tales to tell one way or the other.

As a writer, I have many UNTOLD stories in my mind library yet to be told. Indeed, I am always looking and researching for new materials to formulate a story share with my insatiable audience. 

This week I am running THE POWER OF STORY TELLING series on my Facebook timeline invite people to share their stories too. I witnessed Biafra traumas very young so I might share that bit of my history. 

Meantime please listen to my YouTube film to the end packed with interesting storylines-exemplary power of story telling. ENJOY❤️.

How I Tell My Stories

Don't be afraid to tell your life story whenever time and finance permit you to do so. Leave a legacy for your kids, friends and family and the young generation. That is the power of story telling.

You Have To Read Books If You Want To Write.