Ignore Bizarre January Health Warnings

Every January of the year we get bombarded with health warnings. Warnings about food we shouldn't eat, food faddies feeding us with nonsense as if we haven't been eating these foods all our lives. These health warnings make your heart skip, chest pound, breathing laboured you can almost pass out with cold sweat and that's after promoting all the junk foods for us to eat at Xmas.

Double standard!

A gentle message will suffice, don't you think? Indeed, gentle message is more effective than plastering all the front newspapers scaring the hell out of people. My advice don't fall for outrageous health warnings from multi million pounds/dollars diet companies lining their pockets with false promises.  


By The Way My Daughter Has Banned Me From Selfie Pouting. She Thinks I look Ridiculous. I Don't Care!

Healthy Foods Are Very Easy To Cook

So do the cooking yourself. A simple stir fry chicken in olive oil with few veggies thrown in with boiled potatoes, yam or plantain doesn't take long to rustle unless you're very lazy. Nutritionists and doctors are qualified to provide advice on healthy eating not some self proclaimed food experts. 

Don't start going to the gym if you're not prepared to make a lifestyle change than just one off thing; resolution turned revolution. Walk, walk, walk, climb stairs, leave the lifts alone, uphill walk raises your heart beats and burn calories, drink 6-8 glasses of water everyday to detox the system and get your beauty sleep.


Food Facts

-Use Palm Oil In Moderation

- Cheese is bad saturated fat with high LDL cholesterol, choose low fat if you may

-There's nothing wrong with eating fish and chips- What's wrong is how it is cooked (deep fry and oil drenched) and the amount you eat (reduce your portion). Don't let greediness take control! Wild   

- Do not cut off carbs completely, it is a source of energy instead reduce your Balls! I mean fufu/swallow balls ladies and gentlemen!  

- Too much sugary fizzy drinks and high carbs food can cause diabetes so watch your portion. 

This is what eating in moderation entails. It is not about deprivation, don't deprive yourself of foods your body needs for nourishment. Do not listen to food faddies with outrageous health warnings.

Did my message frighten you or inspire? The key is message not WARNING.

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Stop Press!

I forgot to mention celebrity fitness videos! It is another farce to line up their pockets so don't go near it.  I fell victim of all these fitness videos turned my living room into makeshift gym, jumping about like a headless chicken, panting and groaning as you can imagine with very little result.

Know why? The reality is celebrities have expensive support system-  personal fitness instructor, dietician to ease the process an average person lacks that can make a big difference.