The Difference Between Yam Flour & Genuine Pounded Yam Requires Clarification

Yam flour or so called pre-packaged processed pounded yam is not the same as home made pounded yam from boiled natural yam tubers.

Yam flour we see in African stores is commercial pre-packaged with wheat and potato flour, preservatives to last longer and starch for 'draw effect'. It is powdered starch hence too lumpy & hard to prep to smooth dough.

It is slow to digest lacks roughage or fiber because of too starch added to it, with low liquid content, you feel bloated is how I can describe after consuming yam flour.  


This is Yam Flour mixed with starch for 'draw effect', some are mixed with wheat flour. It is Unnatural, low in roughage, fiber and slow to digest.

100% Natural Unrefined Organic Fresh Yam Tubers Boiled Ready To Be Pounded. It is essential SWALLOW- a generic name for dough balls

Home Made Pounded Yam Takes Time To Prepare

Use food processor for convenience with equal result. Advantages of home made pounded yam include roughage/fiber and a great source of natural starchy carbohydrates.

Remember carbs should form 50% of your daily food intake of all food groups to achieve a balanced healthy diet (refer to my book EAT WITH PLEASURE  for details)

Ghana 'kenkey' and Kenya 'ugali' plus our own pounded yam are healthy dough balls you should not avoid! What to avoid is LARGE PORTION SIZE as overindulgence can cause weight gain.       

Please do not listen to people who says swallow is fattening and bad for you and suggest other options like commercial prepackaged plantain or wheat flour both just as bad as yam flour.     

Instead Make Your Own Plantain Fufu pounded from boiled plantain just like pounded yam.

Or soak brown rice for 3-5 days to soften then prepare it to desired texture and eat with soup. It is similar to tuwo shinkafa, rice dough a staple food in Northern Nigeria eaten with miyan kuka.     


Above Is Plantain & Wheat Flour - Supposedly Without Addictives & Preservatives etcs. ........ I nearly died of acute constipation after eating it....

Even The Nutritional Label is Dodgy ......with all the 'quit complementary ' going on here. I REST MY CASE !!!!