Who Am I?

A writer..

A storyteller...

As an author, it transcend to sharing these stories to a wider audience. What's the point writing when you don't share your writings with people? A clear distinction between a writer and an author.

Who Am I?

I'm that person who believes behind the westernisation.....a Nigerian man will always come alive and reclaim his birthright...alpha male chivalry. Walk ahead instead of behind their ladies. Won't open doors for their ladies. Men of affluence leisurely out of their cars. These men hate women with educated voice. 

Who Am I?

I'm that person who bows to tradition with educated naija woman sophistication...you either like or loathe. We don't have to play by the same rules. That doesn't make me a liberal or aggresive feminist. It about moral and social decorum.

Who Am I ?

That person who thinks you're judging her because she dresses in black that doesn't mean I'm a negative person. I am that person with small circle of friends ....quality not quantity. Hates when you turned facts...a.k.a lies. Believes a liar should never be trusted. Trust friends their resolves never waver. When you're caught lying to me, lie indirectly by deception, abuse my goodwill for selfish interest, no amount of conviction will change my mind; an abuser of trust is a THIEF!      

Who Am I?

That person over the years kept her mouth shut, kept her eyes and mental diary open to write her stories at the right time. The time is nigh! Just because we've been partying together... been friends for years didn't mean we were really 'mates'; we had history with a difference when I decided to rewrite my story.   

Who Am I?

That person who hates someone that says' i'm secretive'. Well, I guess you have too much to hide my dear! I'm way too trusting and open ...though mostly to the wrong people.    

Who Am I?

I am that person who hates unflattering endearment. ...when I'm addressed 'mummy' by people who are not my children....jealously guarded not to share that sentiment with anyone other  than my children. Frowns at ladies who look too 'made up' that can mask their natural beauty.  We are all born beautiful. Nobody is ugly.