Oil- less High Fibre Okra Soup Cooked For Diabetic Patient

This post attracted more visitors, pretty unrivalled than recent posts on the blog which can be interpreted as followings:

  • People concerned about their health
  • Those already disgnosed seeking more information 

Either way, I always say seek professional advice with your doctor, dietitian and nutritionists. Managing diabetes is about meal plan, exercise and blood glucose monitoring. Move about, exercise, take a long walk, being couch potatoes worrying about the disease won't help. T2D (type 2 diabetes) can be reversed hence reason why you must do your best to improve your health.    

Major symptoms are feeling thirsty, frequent urinating at night, blurred vision and sudden weight loss although can be confused with other health concerns. Africans & Carribbean descents are more prone to the disease. Also poor unbalanced diet is a contributory factor. You need to eat well, balance all your nutrients, cut back on salt and sugar rich foods. Don't rely 100% on medication, help yourself, spend more on healthy food than medication. Exercise more, walk, walk ,do more long walk.       


Avoid High Starchy Carbohydrate,Unhealthy High Cholesterol and Sugary Foods.

Diabetes sufferers should avoid high starchy carbs like akpu and fufu.

High Starchy Foods

  • garri-eba
  • pounded yam
  • udughutim
  • ukpub
  • akpu
  • fufu

High Cholesterol Foods-eg fried foods

  • fried plantain, yam and cocoyam
  • excessive oil-drenched palm oil in soups/stews -ayamase, Iya Festus stew, lafanwe stew, afang and edikang Ikong, banga, egusi soups etcs
  • sausages, bacon, kpomo, round-about, cow-leg/foot, spare ribs, cow-tongue. 

Yes ooooh! these mouth-watering foods should be avoided by diabetic sufferers.   

Sugary/Salty Foods

  • puff-puff
  • doughnuts
  • plantain chips
  • fanta, coke, maltex
  • alcoholic drinks
  • salted snacks-crisps, crackers 




Choose Healthy High-Fibre Meals Cooked With


Okro, kale, spinach, garden eggs, pumpkin leaves, water leaves, brown rice


Eat Healthy Snacks

  • unsalted peanut, almond, cashew nuts
  • guava
  • macadamia nut
  • low fat and sugar-free yogurt
  • wholegrain crackers ( NOT CABIN BISCUITS ....oooh!) 
  • avocado-on-crackers or on toast
  • drink water with lemon/lime when thirsty
  • apple

Nutrients-Rich Meals Plan Suggestion

  • chicken pepper soup paired with boiled unripe plantain
  • oil-less white soup like Afia efere and Ofe nsala with wholegrain-oat poundo   
  • lean meat like chicken (trim off fat)
  • grilled fish served with dark green leafy salad
  • home-made coleslaw made with low-fat, sugar-free mayonnaise. Avoid pre-packaged supermarkets ones full of unhealthy addictive and preservatives.   
  • high fibre oats, porridge  

I cooked above dish with wild brown rice and pulses for diabetic person.

  • Eat every 4-6 hrs to keep your blood sugar levels stable 
  • fried food will worsen your condition
  • absolutely no alcohol
  • have a snack between meals when you feel perkish! Drink water with lemon/lime to quench thirst
  • Reduce eating high cholesterol egusi and banga soups
  • ripe sweet plantain change starch naturally to sugar causing rise in your blood sugar level, that's why unripe green plantain boiled, pounded and roasted is a better option

The Chapter ' Let Good Food Be Your Medicine' From My Book -Eat With Pleasure-Celebration Of Food Has Received Global Applaud.