My Creaky Neck, Back and Knees Is Driving Me Crazy!

Not even hot spicy chicken pepper could cure my creaky bones. Ha ha ha if only until my very indigenous Nigeria ROBB came to the rescue. 

My skin is on fire right now numbing every aches and is burning as I am typing away then the smell of the pungent how do you even describe power of scent? Overwhelming, odour, aura.... I can't describe it as fragrance too strong scented to compare with perfume....bouquet.

This ROBB balm is reeking PONG....period ! but works wonders I can't wait to shower.        

How's your day going?

My Locally Sourced Farm Produces Are Potatoes And Okro Or Okra ... Call It What You Like.

'Muddy' potatoes locally sourced In a Kent farm was delicious. You really can't beat fresh farm produces. I paid £3 for 6 potatoes.....hmmmmm price was steep!

I also bought these okro....okra! from the same farmer. I quizzed if it was from same farm in Kent... he shot me a 'mean' look ......I gave him a cheeky smile. Then the boom shell ...£4.50! because of seasonal shortage. What!

So I had just a toast and 2 boiled eggs for brekkie. Wait till you see my 'swallow' lunch with soup made with these fresh okro!

Kitchen Is Sizzling Hot With Spicy F o o o o o o o o dBig Grin.

Click Below:

Cooked without palm oil, stock fish gave it so much taste, flavour and texture while retaining okro natural healthy green colour. Had it with yellow yummy. What's your Saturday soup?