Let Me Spice Up Your Life!

Hot Chilli Sauce On Bed Of Spinach. Great To Reduce The Intense Heat In The Sauce.

What's your favourite spices/herbs? For me, African hot chilli peppers,  onions and seasonings are almost indispensable. Depending on what you're cooking followed by garlic, ginger for European and continental dishes like stir fry and roast.     

For native or Nigerian dishes you need plenty spices & herbs scotch bonnet, cameroon pepper, african bird's eyes  and devil's pepper, habanero chilli, red rocket, cayenne (Efik's nsat ntokon,Yoruba bawa) black pepper (Yoruba iyere), thorny pigweed (Yoruba tete eleegun). Other peppers such as bell pepper or sweet pepper are mainly for garnishing salad and food served on a platter.  

Onion is almost mandatory in cooking around the globe both for seasoning to enhance taste and flavour and for garnishing salad. Onion is the evil one that reduces us to tears!  

Bell pepper comes in red, green and yellow. The red ones have higher concentration of vitamin C and nutrients than the green and yellow ones. 

I Eat More Plant Food Than Meat As I Get Older And So Should You.

This veg-herb-spice only dish is all plants! Enjoy your meat and fish as much as you like the choice is entirely yours. To reduce cholesterol in our food we need to opt for healthy food, eat more fish less meat. If you must eat your meat choose white lean meat like chicken and steak, trim off the fat. I had this with boiled yam.




My Signature Akon's Kitchen Hot Chilli Is My Greedy Secret!

3 Litres Pot Size Freshly Hand Diced. Chaai! Come And See Me Cry Beaten By Wicked Onions, Peppers oooh!

I am still waiting for that surprise photo call to come through. Who wouldn't want a breakthrough? My killer recipes that I have never shared are all locked away.  


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