Ofada Rice & Steak Are Essential Carbs and Protein Refuel Post Gym Goal.

When Famished Balance Your Food Intake To Boost Energy

Juicy Steak Was What I fancied Today.

I finished 2 gym classes- Power Stretch ( balance my whole body on my head) and Big Ball & Bounds (to do with resistance bands) both LES MILLS classes.

I was absolutely famished to refuel didn't want heavy food (eba & soup) so I opted for a nice juicy steak to pair with ofada Rice and stir fried veggies. Right portion size served enough to balance PROTEIN (meat), CARBS (ofada rice) and VEGGIES (3 portions of 5 a day). 

Exercise Zaps Energy Yet Makes You Feel Either Too Hungry Or Less Hungry

Ofada Rice

Not hungry enough for edikang Ikong soup I cooked yesterday. One of those days the body demands less food intake even when famished.