A Taste Of Ethiopia With Hyda Samuels

She was busy prepping food when I turned up at her stall in Brixton. I watched her cooked, quizzed her about her food whilst taking photos same time. She wasn't friendly at first but later relaxed & opened up. We talked about food preparation etcs. I watched her cooked & served customers same time. 

I mean that was somehow INTRUSIVE ! I guess I had to grab this golden opportunity by now she was getting irritated at my curiosity. Meanwhile, I said nothing about me but when I later revealed to her that I am a writer/author currently researching & reviewing African Food, she surprised me with a big grin on her face!! I then showed her my book and promised to return to see her for further chat. We took more photos and I got served some food & free drink where I sat with customers to eat until it started raining that prompted me to make a quick exit !!

This is Hbor Kante who owns Senegalese Sunu Food. He was incredibly friendly and opened about his food preparation and its tasted absolutely delicious.I will see him for a proper chat next week.

Yes! Finally Tasted Senegalese Jollof

beans & potatoes porridge/pottage whatever!!!

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