Watch Out For African Food Store Owners Selling Icy Damaged Foodstuffs

This Is What My Boiled Yam Look Like! Nothing Like The Real Thing!CROOKS EVERYWHERE! So shocking you almost lose the will to live.






My Hands Were So Frozen I didn't Bother To Check The Plantain. Again, This Crook-Con Storeowner Thought Nothing To Cheat Me Again With Damaged Plantain!

Frozen plantain was pretty much useless to fry.

It isn't a good season for perishable foodstuffs so expect damaged farm produces- yam, plantain and veggeies especially slimy rotten okro and pepper.  

Check that your yam and plantain are in good edible condition before you pay for them. Remember shop owners are desperate to sell them only if you allow them.

Wash Your Foodstuffs First B4 Your Place Them On Your Kitchen Worktop and Fridge/Freezer To Avoid Spreading Germs From Rat Infested Food Stores.

Water Leaves, Ugwu, Bitter leaves, Okro, Pepper and sundries Should Be Thoroughly Washed, Chopped and Wrapped and Store Away.

Dried Herbs/Spices Should Be Wrapped With Cling Film Or Air Tight Container for Hygiene Purposes And Store In A Clean Food Cupboard/Fridge/Freezer.

Smoked Pungent Aroma Of Fish Displayed In This Condition Can Easily Attract Rats In The Night. The Smell Hits You First b4 You Even Step Inside The Store

The fish should be properly sheilded or covered to protect it from dusts and dirts. A large transparent plastic cover will suffice. These stores should take a cue from leading supermarkets Health & Safety Regulations. To date, many are still leaving vegetables on the floor in battered boxes! 

Where are the councils Health & Safety Regulators? Tagging them now as desperate action is needed.

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Click above hashtags go to the councils Health and Safety website and leave your comments, without which the councils will not take any action. They like to hear your views. It is pointless to complain and remain mute. Voice Your View!