Blogging Is Not Moi Moi

Who said moi moi is easy to make ...sef ? Besides anyone who prep & cook moi moi should know it involves long processes hence bizzare correlation

Kikiki ki ... Brain Teaser on Fleek

Blogging Is Not Easy As You Have To Engage With Your Audience

Your blog visitors, creative in regular updates maintainance of blog content. You pay to secure the site !!!

My Blog Got My Publishers Really Interested In My Book

I love my blog- absolutely enjoy Sharing  my thoughts and mischieves

2 events last weekend just gone by made it EVENTFUL!

Wish I could Share Photos Why I am So Favoured By God. I had Beautiful Friends With Me To Celebrate  joyous Occasion Yesterday 17 September ! Food was sumptous with lots of laughter !!!

So Happy Right Now!

Blogging Exudes Warmth Like Fine Wine

It is my vocation, my passion, my space , my joy to engage you in interesting & exciting topical issues. 

Let's enjoy it together! 手手手手手


When Truth Hurts ! Deal With It! Will Always Speak My Mind Anytime.You either like it or Lump It ! Truth Will Always Prevail.