Mobilising Market Women Traders In Peckham

I am friends with these women prompting frequent shopping trips to stock up on food items-stockfish, yam, plantain, ofada rice, and the gossips. They are astute and very business savvy____ very much aware that I watch my pennies haggling prices. They didn't realise the significant parts they had played in my book until my revelation took them by surprise. Owner of CHISCO Foodstore in Peckham Rye, Chichi was chuffed couldn't believe it, thought it was a joke.

Remi, sells the best quality crayfish and stockfish in Peckham in my opinion unlike other traders ever ready to hit you with inflated prices. She's kind; I aĺways get free malta guinness and chin-chin. She took my complimentary cards to give to her family and friends, church members, and business contacts to buy my books. Bless her.

These are women I would love to bring on board if I'm lucky to get a slot on CNN African Voices and Inside Africa; a well deserved coverage inside their stores will be the icing on the cake. CNN una dey hear?

An Encounter With A Very Rude Sierra Leone Woman Stall Owner

An overzealous shop assistant rushed through checkout__forgot to pack my waterleaves in my shopping bag. I didn't realise until I got home! Shop always rushing to collect money____clueless about customer service.  This annoying episode was included in my MUST-DOs shopping list. First stop was at this store where I politely expressed my disappointment to this hopeless woman, who screamed at me, said it was all my fault, 'customers always forgetting things in my shop' was the outburst I got instead of an apology. Asian shops would have quickly apologised, calm you down, ensure you leave the shop happy so thrilled you end up buying more ; they will do anything to get your money!     

I said nothing to this rude woman ....quietly walked away took my custom elsewhere (absolutely no intention of going back there). Away with money I would have spent to buy other foodstuffs from her store. Away to share my horrible experience with Chichi and Remi, contributing to the day group gossips, away from her shop translated in loss of revenue. I went straight to BIMS and bought my waterleaves and sundries. 

Customers always win because they have the choice of choosing where to shop. Suppliers can't pick their customers, they rely on customers to come to them. Sadly, our Sierra Leone madam isn't astute and business savvy as Chichi and Remi. You should see her face when I warned her that I write about African food🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎😅😅😅