Why I Love Creating My Own Recipes.

Fried diced Apple & Pear taste naturally sweet.

I bet when I posted AFRO FLAVOUR with recipes stir fry Apple & Pear Fruits you probably thought It was weird and might even be poisonous. 

Aaaaa calm down for it is safe and healthy to eat fried fruits. Ever thought how marmalade or jam is made? They are stewed fruits (fried) & preserved with addictive. The only difference is I did mine differently by adding hot pepper, fried onions, garlic and ginger to bring on the full Afro hot Flavour. 

It is about BRANDING my recipes, making it my own, experimenting new recipes and calling it whatever I like after all I created it as echoed in my book. This is what BRANDING is about! 

Branding will feature a lot in my 2nd book I am currently writing..


Although I Never Had The Opportunity To Cook While Growing Up

I am a self-taught cook with curious eyes. I grew up watched my parent and our cooks (Mr Monday and Mr Isaiah) prepared family meals with eagle eyes when I got reprimanded for hanging around the kitchen areas 'looking instead of doing your homework'.

Later I would ask Mr Isaiah to show me how to mix recipes when 'madam' is out of sight with his usual reply 'no...no what do you want here...leave the kitchen ?'. Usually when I appeared unexpectedly caught him sneaking food to 'boysquaters ' for his girlfriend from 'the town'.

Having Studied Nutrition & Qualified To Coach, Teach & Talk About it

My knowledge of food had indeed broadened. That said, I absolutely LOATHE to share my kitchen with someone. Food is prepped & cooked solely by me hence reason I am looking forward to cooking for the few clients who trust my cooking genre.