Time to use your natural brain reset tools


Do simple maths without calculator.

Drive without reading satellite navigator for directions.
Prepare pounded yam minus poundo mixer.
Give birth to babies minus epidural painkiller..


Koboko (whip), broom, slippers, efa (spatula), belt, nsat ntokon ( pepper) for corporal punishments. My mum pulled my ears turned red!  Do same to kids nowadays they will call in the authorities for you. Modern child abuse in place of tough love verbal warning..... Today's kids dey enjoyoo!

Who will ever forget the most potent heavy knock! Konk fi!


Mumu people looking for a job waste charge cards chat on social media platforms like-comment-share instead of saving their small cash  ...  

Spend hours scrolling social media instead of chatting with company bosses require their brains rewired...  


WhatsApp text is conversation killer that requires serious brain reset. Who is guilty?

How It Works

A certain heavy-handedness that works in producing responsible adults this present  millennial generation lacks!

We will always remain the product of our upbringing as much is expected to whom much is given. A brain reset that requires we strive to moderate the way we conduct our lives and that includes unguarded speech as shared in my previous whatsapp post about a certain woman who attacked women who play with young men her unspeakable outburst ' u better think again before u remove ur pant and brasserie ready to sleep with a small boy old enough to be ur son'

While men have been having relationships with much younger girls old enough to be their grand daughters were ignored in her diatribe. Judging by her outburst, it appears men are excused therefore condoned to carry on as they wish while women are labelled loose, inexcusable when both men and women act in similar way.

Who cursed some women abeg? 🙄.