Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Boarding School Days. Straw Hat & Skinny Body.

This Is My Reply To Jenny Chika Invite To NWIDLF. 

What Inspired You To Write?

Personal Inspiration. You see yourself as an Inspiration. It will not happen until you believe in yourself.

The Drive To Success  

The drive to suceed, attain and accomplish your dream requires dedication and incredible passion. You must have a passion that makes you want to do and execute that THING!  It is that drive that will enable you to feel hell bent in achieving whatever you really want to do. 

How You Worked Toward This Book  

I have always wanted to write a book at the right time at some point in my life when I can apply my energy and focus without unecessary distractions. Timing is vital. As a wife and mother, I've learned how to manage my time effectively to fit in with my writings- regular blog posts and my books ( 2nd book almost ready).   

You must have a creative mind, I can take a SITUATION and turn to a story and make it interesting. I read everything from the bible to tabloids! I can never run out of stories. One should never lack what to write about, discuss nor share. Any situation can be a potential story. You sit in a public transport or at a party scene and see images of a story unfolding before you. This is what I mean by having a creative mind.      

Who Supported You?

I did not get nor ask for any support (sic). Support not sure what ? Whatever the case I can categorically state that I wrote my book without any support. I have always been an avid writer from a very young age. I didn't see the need to ask for help. My book is 100% my input. Besides, why should I share my business with anyone? My husband wasn't even aware when I was preparing my manuscript for publication until I got a phone call from the publishers that they were interested in my book and that a Contract had been drawn up for me to sign.       

Power Of Self-Belief

This is vital- the epic!

Without self-belief, you're a non-starter. You must believe in YOU. Follow your heart and trust your instinct. Tap into that inner hidden power you never knew you had. There's something about intuition, that rational gut feeling inside you that says 'you're greater than you THINK!'