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Fine Dining With Personal Touch

The Art Of Fine Dining Is About Branding Food

Branding African Food Is Central In My 2nd Book Out January 2018

The Motive is to promote indigenous traditional African cuisines to Ensure It rank among the mainstream around the globe.

When We Shared African Stories At 70th Birhday Event at ONE ALDWYCH, LONDON

We fine dined, chatted and shared African stories amidst politics & the economy with fellow guests made incredibly memorable evening for us. My kind of thing! There was no music and no dancing. We sat there just chatting! 

I met a 70 plus years old lady extraordinaire who looked half her age, very witty brain box ! I was totally in awed of her as I don't often come across her type! I would love to show her photos but decided not to.... never mind. I love her till eternity.

Then the oddball young guy...you know the type that overrates himself. He complained there wasn't enough chilli hot pepper in the food. I had already rated him as a CHANCER! He was there by sheer luck ..boyfriend to the genuine invitee... I like to call such people an opportunist who got tagged by default. They are always the ones who complains most ...not enough chilli and veggies...small portion ..... et al. Meanwhile ...his girlfriend ever so meek and angelic! 

Thanks Carl Hutchison For Enjoyable & Memorable Evening!