Parents Wake Up

Strictly speaking, 2020 didn't start well so might as well disappear give way to the new year hoping it will lessen any trepidation, uncertainty of what could, might, likely come with more debacles. 

Covid-19 with all its setbacks restores humanity in humans when the whole wide world came together as ONE to fight the plague irrespective of race, creed, and colour.

Then the sudden reawakening our 'lazy' youths fight against police- brutality- turned- national movement for social justice.
I will change this round by saying as humans we struggle to be nice, pleasant, polite, kind to each other. The latter, kindness, is often taken for granted and abused, yet we should continue to be kind to humanity. We should never be swayed or distracted by any negativity.

Year twenty-twenty is fast making its full circle to welcome the new year, gradually taking with it - lost love, failed friendship, unfulfilled dreams, job lost, please add to the list. While we still have two months or so left, hold tight to your dreams. Don't let it slip you by for it is never too late to start from a clean slate. Don't give up.
Our youths our super heroes have changed the narrative for us! Look around you, listen to them, help them, talk to them, those who want to hear will hear. We should never give up on our future generation, our potential future leaders. It starts when you listen and talk to your own children.

Absent parents who are hardly around, bond with your children. You can't be too busy chasing businesses and money. Pocket money/food on the table are just as important as a nice cuddle, show your children love. Some parents don't even sleep under the same roof with their children.
Overwhelmed with those young protesters strife for justice, I am now wondering if their parents knew they were on the street fighting for justice, or were among the looters!

Parents wake up!


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