Few Events I Like To Attend With Jenny Chika Okafor & Dr Chichi Menakaya: Both The Voice For The Voiceless On Women Issues.

Women Getting Ahead

Yes! Despite our shortcomings, women have remarkable talents and have made incredible impact in the world around them. Women have taken leading roles in various aspects of their lives. Fact that men have been dominating most industries shouldn’t erode women confidence. The way forward is for women to define success in their own terms.  Start with what they are passionate about whether in teaching, fashion design, photography, film & theatre, event management, and marketing for personal development.

Are married black African women getting the much-needed support from their spouses? I would say many women have been left frustrated; the road from being a housewife to career minded wife has been bumpy. Let me say what I know without mincing words, an alpha African husband is comfortable with a home comforter than a career wife____na mi talk kamWild!

Nowhere are the gender differences more pronounced than in a traditional domestic setting. I was mad when an Igbo lady said to me ‘my mother brought me up to always respect my husband’. I retorted ‘should be reciprocal’ as in respect for each other, not one sided. She fired back ‘well in Igboland, you have to respect your husband oooo…leave all these western ways of thinking you write on your blog …..nwanem’. Pointless asking if her mother also taught her sons to respect their wives/girlfriends? 

She has never worked as in paid employment which doesn’t sit well with me. They are probably new breed of homemakers and home comforters each one to their own, but these same women are the most discontented housewives ironically will forever remain steadfast with what their husbands tell them! They are women trailng behind; definitely not ahead. Remember this is my bona fide blog, I say what I like, so it’s a free rein here, abi! 



Coffee Shops Moment Ruined by Screaming Kids

Whether in STARBUCKS, COSTA COFFEE or CAFÈ NÈRO I love my coffee on the go, that instant adrenaline rush at a sip! Where you get free newspapers, sit with strangers momentarily watch the world go by.

Also, where I dread to go during half-term wading my way between nursing mothers and screaming toddlers who would rather be in McDonalds, WENDYS, or WIMPY devour mouth watering hamburger and chips and knickerbocker glory. These poor kids sit there with their mothers staring at strangers picking on their snacks faces buried in newspapers.        

T-Shirt From Kanu Heart Foundation

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The joy of blogging is you get freebies from companies or organisations. So when my hubby was at last weekend Kanu Heart Foundation I got this t-shirt. At this week Best Of Nigeria Investment Expo 2018 at  the London Excel, one of the executives of iPro energy sport drink gave my hubby 2 dozen packs for me. Nigerian Glam magazine also sent me a free copy.  Of course they know I blog and would expect me to feature their business here and so I oblige.   


My Hubby & Mr Patel At The Excel, London.