Encounter With Mum Breastfeeding In A Parked Train

Though not the first time I've seen mothers breastfeeding in the public however the difference this time around is that she wasn't overtly discreet about it. Few that I've seen do attempt to be cautious about prying eyes around them. This young mother didn't cover her breast like some do instead she brought her breast out to the full view of women, men and children in the train.  

Chai! With her nipple dripping with breast milk she was completely oblivious to the scene around her laughing and joking with her friend and her baby.  

TV Debate and Radio Talk Shows About Breastfeeding

CoolI remembered TV Show and Radio talk show debates about breast feeding in the public. How some people felt it was socially unacceptable for  some breast feeding mothers to expose their breast bothering on nudity in the public domain.

Most men were said to be upset and embarrassed about 'that sort of nudity'!

Well,what I witnessed in the train was quite the opposite.Although some tried to cover their faces with newspapers, frankly some gave the young beautiful mother 'side eyes' fixed on her breast!

They certainly weren't upset!

The baby looked happy. The young mother couldn't careless where she feeds her baby.

Personally, I was just a spectator garnering yet another article to post.Thumbs upBig Grin