My 10 Golden Kitchen Rules

Each to their own when it comes to kitchen rules. Aside from food hygiene and Health & Safety rules; knives stacked in wooden rack and that staffs must also appear neat with clean clothes, wash their hands in clean soapy warm water at all times blah….blah….blah. Let me share my own kitchen rules with you my beloved blog clan. 

-        Never let your staffs think you rely on them 100%. My Naija aunties ‘madam de madam’ take note!

-        Don’t divulge or share every recipe staffs might steal and patent exclusive rights. McDonald and KFC are renowned for the mystery surrounding their recipes as most celebrity chefs.

-        Treat your staffs with respect, enough to gain their loyalty without risking unexpected disloyalty for over sharing the ins and outs of your business. Business relationship should be kept at respectful distance.

-        Keep an eye on the ‘not-so-innocent" amorous Amara from the village making out with dick-weasel Chike who can’t keep it in the trouser.

-        Alcohol is unacceptable subject to grace and favours strictly only during festivities.

-        Bosses can be hard to please equally as difficult and ungrateful staffs. No love lost pointless trying to please either party.

-        Staffs are there to earn a living: they are there for the money pure and simple. Pay day is pay day there should be no excuse.

-        Over familiarity with staffs often hasten conflict of interest abridge business interest. Both parties should be fully aware of their boundaries.

-        Respect should be reciprocal, treat people same way you expect them to treat you.

Above all, draw up a written contract, get it right from the outset.     

Ha...Ha....Ha. This Will Put A Smile On Some Faces! Die hard Traditionalists. 🤣🤣😎😎😎

Create Your Own RECIPES

My recipes range from subtle to bold_____food made simple. I've cooked nameless meals with one-of-a-kind leftovers. Hone your skill, create your own recipes and don't always rely on cookery books ! I don't even own a cookery book right now. Hot pepper chillies and onions are my main spices, other spices are optional. My light tummy can't take meals with spice overload and why would I even need it when I'm spicy enoughBig Grin! Ha Ha Ha. I love to talk about food share recipes, afterall food brings people together. We wake up thinking about breakfast, start planning lunch then dinner or supper because our lives seem to revolve around food. Indeed, we need food for survival.  

I am also a risk taker in the kitchen such that certain recipes look more like laboratory mixtures than food. If it taste good and you can swallow it then FINE!!!     


@Akon Margaret Kalu

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