My Passion For Writing

23. Aug, 2016

My iphone 'Note' app is full of notes covering different topics when I'm on the move/mobile running errands.

I just don't know how to switch off completely. I don't watch TV much, when I do, probably News & Bravo's The Real Housewives franchise as I can identify with some of these ladies (minus the cash ofcourse !) a diva, fussy and hard to please!   

Lolzzzzz. I agree , one should loosen up a bit.

My blog site is an outlet to lose myself in creative writing, my digital tool to share my thoughts and make people laugh at my funny stories.   

Besides, who sits all day watching telly when you can be more creative and useful in other aspects of your life.  

23. Aug, 2016

" I think it is very healthy to spend time alone''
- Oscar Wilde

Learn To Be Alone. "

23. Aug, 2016