Spicy Afro Flavour

Fruity & Spicy Full On Afro Flavour

Pear, Apple; clove Garlic, Hot Chilli, Ginger, Onions (add yours) sliced & Diced Prepped

Spice Up Your Palate With Zesty Hotties !

Select your favourite spices ready sliced & Diced in very tiny bits.

Get a large wok or fry pan ready for a sizzling hottie to get that tongue dangling Afro Flavour!!

With 2 tablespoon olive oil in high heat 1st stir fry apple & pear already diced & sliced in tiny bits until golden brown then add diced Onions , chillis, garlic, ginger and whatever spice you choose.

Gently stir fry the combo .

By now neighbours are salivating full flavour of spices that fill the air! Add seasonings to your taste! 

Make sure it is really HOT ooooo!

Use It As Saucy Side Dish 4 Your Grilled Meat, Fish, Chicken & Barbecue Condiments.

Prepare Large Amount & Safe In The Fridge. 

You can Also use it with Roast Plantain, Yam , Cocoyam & Rice Dishes.

Handy Sauce For All Occasions & Every day Food.

You Have Been Warned e Hot Well Well ooooo !!