I Believe My Books Reflect My Personality

Excerpt From My Book- My African Restaurant Adventure (2018)

My book says so much about me, my brand personality. I don't source out people thoughts, what you read in my books and my websites are entirely my original thoughts. I say it as it is, should be, nothing pretentious. For me, keeping it real is the real deal!  

I took on this project single-handedly and wholeheartedly delivered it. I wasn't expecting smooth sailing for the challenges were many with bumpy rides, nor did I need massive persuasion to take on the project. I have had appointments cancelled, nothing on restaurant records about confirmed appointments a ploy by some f..ked up crooks!  

I have been kept outside in the rain 'mistaken' for bailiffs from the council; that was quite comical. Then the embarrassing interrogation even with confirmed appointment. It was all gamed to discourage and frustrate me but I conquered.     


I feel incredible sense of accomplishment and joy for my book-My African Restaurant Adventure.I hope my journey will inspire someone somewhere to focus on his or her dream and work on accomplishing something they haven't yet.

To everyone out there, work at your goals, ignore negative influence, negative people in your life. Don't expect immediate result, it may not seem much is happening initially, however later, when you look back, you will see progress, not where you started! That's the positive vibe.  

Learn To Take Criticism

Expect criticisms. People will drop it subtly ' are you sure you know what you're doing?', 'this project is not easy..oooo'. I took it as a challenge and soldiered on. You have to learn to turn negativity to positivity or you lose direction. People can be terribly impatient, they expect immediate result without giving you time to consolidate make progress.     


Lucky S O M E Have Had Their Surprises !

I will post out more of those surprises so please bear with me.