3D- C R A Y F I S H

How many people can sincerely say they clean their crayfish prior to cooking? Say the truth and shame the devil_______God is watching oooWink! Did I hear a resounding ' who has time' ? Not surprising. Truth is not many people bother to pick out the dirts. They just bang it inside the blender and off they go with the cooking.

I don't buy pre-packaged already blended crayfish and other food items. I make time to prep and cook food and why shouldn't anyone? Food stuffs should be prepped in advance and stored away_____that saves time and makes cooking easier to manage.

Before Cleansing

After Cleansing- Residue Free Crayfish

Unhealthy Residues You Eat When You Don't Take Time To Pick Out The Unsightly Bits That Could Include Mouse Droppings .

Supermarket Savers

I don't spend more than a £1 for cleaning products. And being a creature of habit I always shop around. Your local POUNDLAND, US $1DOLLAR stores, MEGA DEALS, and other discount outlets will save you pennies. Why spend more in big supermarkets when you can get the same or similar product for less?  I mean quality product for less not those fake ones from China or Aba made.  

£1 Each At Poundland. Go there !

£1 each. Good Quality Too.

Comedy Of The Week ! Dodgy Wedding Cake

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ' weeding ' Wedding Cake 😅😅😅🤣🤣😀😆