Wobbly Fat Tummy Is Unsightly

Bodycon, bandage dresses, and corsets can't disguise split tummy, rolling fat, expanding waistline, thick midriff and loose skin. Goodness! women understandably suffer post natal fat that can drag on for years. So hard and almost impossible to shift. It can be frustrating, so much that a friend wore two corsets, undergarments to a party desperate for instant flat tummy. As the evening progressed with couple of drinks and food, her waist became tighter, thicker and unbearable, she disappeared to remove 2nd corset to relieve the pressure.

Now men, what excuse have you got dragging 'pregnant tummy' around in large clothes? No excuse whatsoever! You need to head to the gym guys! 

Meanwhile, you hear Plus Size women (for big sizes in America) because it is considered rude to say 'fat' or 'obese'! Yesooo, you can get in trouble; body shaming fuller-figured men and women is political incorrect, so they say.

Is this just an excuse or political correctness gone mad? Another excuse not to tighten flabby, shaky, wobbly 'afor beer'? Who wants to walk around with spare tyres, muffin top, bingo wings_____bizarre ugly names for unsightly body parts. How can it be acceptable when it is unhealthy with high risk of chronic diseases- diabetes, stroke and heart diseases? It is absurd and foolish to console oneself with the slogan  big is beautiful. Listen, fat is fat. Simple.

No man or woman enjoys dragging excess body weight around hidden in baggy clothes- dashiki, bubu, kaftan, and track suits. Wobbly belly hanging on top of pants, trousers, skirts, jeans, looks ugly. I do not advocate body-shaming ,however, I object to not address it as a major health problem.  

Menopausal women are susceptible and prone to body fat due to hormonal changes, the way the body process fat and slow metabolism in old age. Stress is another factor when the body stress hormone cortisol is released at an alarming rate.  Don't we know how stress can make us eat- snack between meals; comfort eating while we coil up on the sofa munching away? Watch your weight. Be health conscious.        



Unsightly 'afor' Beer Belly

Healthy Diet, Portion controlled Meals and Regular Exercise Is The Solution