Why Couple Should Always Support Each Other's Career

- Unless you still have primitive mentality, gone are the days women were happy to be stay-at-home wife and homemaker.

- An average nuclear family needs minimum of two streams of income, ideally 3-4 sources of income to guarantee6 a better living standard and savings for the future. Somewhat unrealistic to attain such goals, however that's the reality, hence why women should opt for any career opportunity to add to family coffers.     

Women Should Push Themselves Harder Career-wise

- If you have kids and have made sufficient childcare arrangement for them, and now ready to make a career move, what stops you from embarking on a career? 

- Unless you are happy to be a full time housewife, happy to see to your partner's needs, serve him, full time fully attentive to all his needs and those of the kids, baby-sit him, then so be it. Someone once said ' my mother trained me to be a good wife to my husband'. ______okay, none of my business so won't comment!  Though, I did quipped if her husband has been 'a good husband?'. 

- I might just add one lady who takes pride in grooming her husband- gives him a shave (on the head as well as down south😮) if you know what I mean. Still minding my businessoooo. It is a tough one when people open up, share their sentiments with me. Anecdotes they share are definitely not dull ones while I remain their confidants.

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