A Wrongly Labelled Sandwich At Pret A Manger Food Chain Cost Her Life. Sad.

Be Food Alert

Are You Like Me Suffering from Food Intolerance?

Certain people get reactions from food on different levels that can be more severe or less severe depending on your constitution. I love food though certain foods don’t love me enough I found out many years ago. My digestive system is sensitive and  intolerant to certain foods that don't agree with my body. Now I am very selective of what I eat or face the consequences. People who ignore food reactions suffer badly harming their digestive and immune systems.

 Differences between food Intolerance & Food Allergy?


Food Intolerance

Food Allergy

Less severe

Very severe

Attack on the digestive system takes time to diagnose. 

Attack on the immune system when it sees certain food as harmful with immediate reaction.

It isn’t life threatening reaction and might take 30 mins thereabout or longer varies from person to person.   

It is life threatening occurs soon after eating a certain food. A tiny bit of certain nut can trigger an attack. Symptoms include swollen airwaves, hives, swelling, sneezing, asthma, drop in blood pressure, diarrhea & blood pressure.  

You feel unwell and restless with delayed reaction.  Major symptoms are bloating, joint pain, skin problem perhaps outbreak of eczema, constipation, headache, runny nose. Wine and spicy foods are high in histamine food intolerance.

Spicy foods play real havoc to my digestive system.  I get immediate reaction from banana, bread with gluten and wheat, milk so I am definitely lactose intolerant and have suffered badly for years.

 Avoid foods that contain peanuts with peanut ingredients poorly labelled under different names though still the same or similar such as groundnut oil,arachis oil, lupin or lupine, tree nuts, and beer nuts.

Fact is peanut allergy is very severe and fatal in rare cases if you are severely allergic It is important to talk to your doctor. 




I Eat Gluten Free Bread And Can Only Tolerate Low Consumption. Bread From Waitrose Supermarket.

 Note Down What You Eat & Note Each Reaction

Beans and other pulses are known for flatulence (wind), infantile colic (perping!) and bloating. These are symptoms of food intolerance though less severe than food allergy. A visit to your doctor to arrange a test might help solve the problem and be selective with your food intake. Excessive intake of alcohol drinks can cause bloating and flatulence. Write down the food you eat so you can link foods with symptoms. Avoid food overloaded with spices and herbs if you are a sufferer.    

Early Detection Can Save Life. Always Check What Your Kids Eat Make Sure Their Foods Are Properly Labelled.

And salad, salsa sauce, 'nutty' cakes I mean nuts hidden in foods are tricky! Sufferers should be more vigilant with West African peanut soup cooked hidden in other ingredients that can't be easily detected. Imagine people who have lost their lives out of ignorance in third world countries undisgnosed and without treatment most often the blame lies with the 'village people'.Wild      

Certain spices are loaded with unhealthy and harmful chemicals e.g 'akang' (Oron)___ 'akanwu' (Igbo) still arguably dangerous to health and should be avoided. Notably peanuts are the cause of most food allergies when the immune system reacts to protein found in them.       

Read Food Labels!

Always read food labels before you eat it especially pre-packaged sandwiches. Avoid commercial foods that are not properly labelled. In the UK, foods are licensed and labelling is mandatory in line with Food Hygiene regulations.


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Always Read Food Label

Read The Ingredients Section