Mrs Ekpenyong's Domestic Science Class

Aside from my upbringing, the late Mrs Ekpenyong back then in Mary Hanney secondary school and Mrs Effiwat in Holy Child Convent in Calabar have great influence on how I tackle home chores. I don't aspire to be a domestic goddess and I’m not even sure what it means however I keep my home neat and clean at all times. Home economics or domestic Science is the study of household skills where students are taught how to cook, sew, clean, make bed et al.

This was my least favourite class having gone through the rise and low of our parent’s voice to tidy up our rooms failing no pocket money. Indeed, this class was a reminder of home chores I would rather forget though later in life appreciate its benefits.

‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ __________ was Mrs Ekpenyong’s catchphrase in her monotone voice.  My great-aunt- Auntie Ballantyne (who lived in Ballantyne street) was also another great influence, authoritative and dogmatic figure, an old school with no nonsense attitude. Bath time couldn’t be more fun__she was never too far away from the bathroom…… bellowed……while we giggled no end!

dàrà dè mbom mbom ‘ (rinse your buttock!)

‘jèd mkpà fàghà’ (wash your armpit)

jèd mmà (wash your vajay- mma was her nickname for vajay)

kufrè ndi kpuhò ibà oo’ (don’t forget to change your knickers!). Our knickers were mainly white colours.     

Personal hygiene was drummed to our ears relentlessly on daily basis though prudish and strait-laced____ too puritan yet these judicious and wise words shaped us children to be who we are today. Is domestic science or home economics where applicable included in the curriculum? Please share your thoughts here.      



Ignore the Bullies!

Whether it is done overtly or below-the-belt-subtle digs, either way, embrace it with caution for you’ll always be attacked by people with low self-esteem aimed to boost their Low IQs. They are bullies who use demeaning sarcastic and snide comments for self-aggrandisement to mask their insecurities. It calls to question their state of mind however such disrespectful behaviour should never be condoned.

Social media mirrors a lot about people; their strengths and weaknesses are played out by how they portray themselves on various platforms. We should embrace our differences because we’re unique in our ways. We can't all be the same. We can cringe at people’s ignorance, poor grammar______aggressive abusive behaviour, vile and bad language must stop. Enough said.   

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