Local Market Is The Gateaway To Our Community

With BETTER HEALTH BAKERY in Hackney, London.

Mama Comfort

You won’t take comfort from her inflated prices that are determined by the looks of her customers aimed to squeeze out your last penny. Dress down before you step into her shop; it still doesn't stop me from going back to her shop though. Please note that the bakery lady in the above photo is definitely not Mama Comfort.

Ben the Market Crier

With irritating voice like a pneumatic drill announcing his ware ‘buy 3 get one free’. Another marketing gimmick blasting your eardrum. I stopped by out of curiosity, when I approached him, mellowed, soft spoken in east London twang ‘lovey…..this mango is yellow, soft and ripe as you……take this one’. An order, not a suggestion you will expect in a market. Probing ‘are you from Lacos (Lagos) ……..do u speak jarouuuba (yoruba)?’. My smile did the talking .... ‘U r husband is a lucky man!’…… he concluded when I paid and left.

Herman the Rasta Man

‘Me nooo see u for … while …maaan…….weee u bin?  The sound system is blasting away Bob Marley’s song exodus drowning our conversation. ‘what’s up maaan? He persuaded for my response. ‘Like what?’ I surprised myself with a silly quiz …unsure what to say. He sells all sorts of paraphernalia; nicely labelled herbal teas, and dried root plants; air filled with intoxicating aromatic seeds and herbs.

Joe the Fishmonger   

‘I haven’t seen u for a while now!..........wee u bin gorgeous?’ With a sharp intake of breath ……so brazen I said …’I kept away from your inflated price!’.  ‘What!….come let’s settle this…..come here!..... what do you want today?... he pleaded’. I smiled dutifully and picked my usual….. paid and left. ‘Come back soon …..man! Pushing further for my attention. 




I Absolutely Love The Vibes I Get From Various Market Communities. You Have To Connect With The Locals To Understand Your Environment Better. Here I tasted Ethiopian Injera- Read My Book For Details.

At Book Festival in Stoke Newington With Lope Ariyo & Zoe Adjonjoh. Yes! I Support my fellow authors wholeheartedly also mentioned them in my book.