When New Year Resolution Turns A Revolution

If you are still keeping to your New Year Resolution then you are doing fine, well done! For those who've given up mid-way, how far did you go? Sorry____ just asking____no offense.

If you keep to achievable goals you'll meet your target. Ensure you don't set impossible target, get burnt out, give up, abandon it, go back to 3 cups of garri a day, for those of you on a weight loss diet, who send you? Soon you'll go to party start giving someone's jollof side eye stretch your throat longer than it should. Let me not start with those people raiding fridge for food in the night when everyone in the house is asleep.

Or are you on a new career hunt, a change from your present job to something more fulfilling? I wish you every luck you could possible wish yourself, God dey👍, remain consistent in your plan, don't ever give up. Do adequate research on the jobs you hope to apply for before and after application and job interview as multiple univ. degrees won't guarantee you the job. Instead focus on skill acquisition for the job specification, No go tell lies oooo later they open your ynash expose you!    

If you are working on improving your relationship matter- with man, woman, boyfriend, husband, girlfriend and wife, I better reserve my comment mbok, leave you to sort yourself out, which one concern me before I cum kii myself...