What's Wrong With Palm Oil?

I asked Nigerian food writer May Jideofo ( Healthy Alternatives- 2007) who wrote about the dangers of palm oil if she can provide us with alternative or substitute ingredient for cooking our soups failing she is on an impossible mission. In her Utopia, she said American food experts abhor palm oil dangerous effects on our health.  

My quiz in response, is palm oil more dangerous than LDL cholesterol (worst fat) found in hamburgers and other junk foods in the Western world? 

I have written severally about fat laden high cholesterol palm oil reminding everyone to use it in moderation invariably giving people the option to make up their minds. Regrettably, May Jideofo's health warnings punched with strong literal verses can be misleading without any strong evidence.  

For me, there's trouble afoot advocates without solution; kind of weakens the argument when there is no solution. I rest my case for now while I await her response. 

This is authentic Unrefined Palm oil From Sierra Leone.

Excerpt from May Jideofo's book.

Why Africans cook without measurement

I was asked why I don't provide measurement for my recipes. I told the person that Africans don't measure ingredients when cooking probed if she has seen videos African chefs/cooks with kitchen scales weighing crayfish,salt,vegetables,dried fish, garri, beans and palm oil etcs? Instead we taste our food taste and taste lick the spoon until the desired taste/texture is attained is the basic principle without hard and fast rule. If it is too salty add more vegetables and condiments to reduce the taste!  

You can't rely on cookery book measurement either - weight and scales are too complicated for a novice cook. From dark ages to digital age nothing beats cooking as oral tradition passed down from generation to generation practically cooking the traditional ways.

I always find it hilarous watching my daughter cooking with Jamie Oliver's cookery book by the cooker.  Whenever I ask when food will be ready ....she checks the timing for her reply.           

Cooking with Gadgets May Seem Intimidating

However, a gadget that will pick my waterleaves I mean labour-saving device-finger nipping of ugwu leaves and ekpang nkukwo would be ground breaking invention{#smileys123.tonqueout}