Food Facts With Shelf Life You Need To Know

Sell By or Use By Dates- Are labels or stamps on highly perishable food items which would become a severe health risk if eaten after the recommended date. These food should not be sold or eaten after the date. It means it has expired, no longer healthy therefore risky to eat. They lose taste, flavour and texture and might give you bad bellyWild.   Examples of food items are milk, bread, fruits, pastries, cakes, and vegetables etcs.

All these street corner shops with 'moldy' bread and cakes need serious checking!

All the street-hawkers food vendors in Africa and beyond selling unlabelled Agege bread who checks them?








I've tagged these relevant authorities hopefully someone can at least pay a surprise visit to ' some bendy crooks' selling stale bread. 



2nd Meaning Of Sell By Date reference to humans

Figuratively means- You Are No Longer Desirable !

Chaai!!! I am so wickedMadMadMad

Please don't come for me when I didn't send for youooooo.Big Grin


Best Before Dates

means the food is not dangerous to eat after the date but is not at its BEST.. A day or two after its Best Before Dates won't hurt if kept in good condition. The Big Question?

What Is Good Condition?  

1- Clean Neat Storage (air tight food containers, food cupboard) free from dirt,dust and damn. Hmmmmmmmm....still remember the last time you cleaned itWildWild. I'm guilty on this oneThumbs

2. Fridge- free from dirt and dust (how often do you clean your fridge/freezer? still scratching your head??)   

Examples of food items:

Rice, pasta, cooking oil (palm oil and ground nut oil), sugar, coffee, seasonings etcs.

With Reference to humans, in other words, the younger the more desirable, as you get older, you are left on the shelf In short, manageable as not in your best. Manage ke? How cruel life is!   

New Month New Hope

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