What An Eventful The Year 2017 Has Been!

The year that proved hard work pays when we are able to spread our tentacles beyond our comfort zones when I took the plunge into writing. Seemingly that I don't compromise on standard and quality on my website I believe has been the guiding principle that kept it engaging and interesting. Is it?  

Passion is the key. Passion made possible is about pursuing whatever makes you tick and making it possible. Trust me, my worst fear is to fail in all I set out to do hence I don't take anything for granted. Indeed, it has been an incredible year hoping and wishing for more positive outcome in the coming year 2018 and beyond for everyone God willing.    

I laughed when someone I spoke with on the phone mentioned awards and personal appearances ! Don't we all know about appearances and award ceremonies in Nigerian communities in London? Just for the records, firstly, I turned down request from Ekanem Robertson to appear on The Woman Show on BEN TV in London.

Secondly, I was invited by a Radio Station in Brisbane Australia to talk about my book, that again I turned down due to inconvenience of travelling although SKYPE would have been an option sadly differences in time zone was another headache. Frankly, I prefer waiting until when I feel ready to talk about bigger venture by which time hopefully my 2nd book will be incorporated with my debut book for a broader clearer narrative and better understanding. My present project is somehow insightful and informative so I am looking forward to talk about the book basically defend my work and address various concerns where applicable.

Until then I am in no rush to meet people. Frankly speaking, we should be comfortable in our own skin and let our achievement speak for itself. For years I have tried to avoid Nigerian communities in London and their award ceremonies. That said, my debut book was introductory venture to test the market and watch readers reaction as a stepping stone. Luckily, I got favoured by God and appreciated by my readers paving the way for more books from me in the foreseeable future. Thank you very much for making 2017 an incredible year for me. Wishing everyone a very prosperous year 2018 and beyond.