Why Organic Wholesome Rural Village Food Is The Best

I woke up this morning reminiscing my childhood experience in the village during Nigeria-Biafra War. I remembered farm produces and livestock from the backyard ese in Oron, were organic, wholesome foods rich in nutrients and free from artificial preservatives. Mango, orange, pawpaw, and guava were rainbow of colours, juicy zesty fruits waiting to be plucked and eaten.

I reached out for another mango, momentarily, sat on muddy seat watched livestocks- chicken, dogs, goats and pigs wondering aimlessly between barking and whimpering. Suddenly fight erupted between chicken and dog. The chicken stood no chance the dog won.

It was also one of those mornings my granddad's brother great uncle Hilary would suddenly appear with fishing gadgets on his back to the stream to haul wild organic fresh fish and seafood. I wished him luck he smiled and waved back. Another tantalizing bite of mango trickled down my throat, my fingers wet with sweet sticky juice dripped down my shoulder.

There was shortage of meat during the war, such delicacy was eaten on special occasions- ngwo ngwo, isi-ewu, nsok-obi (Oron) and 404 buffet (don't ask what it is!). Affluent village people had more access to food varieties including meat. Ironically, it is such basic diet of little meat, fruits and vegetables including root vegetable tubers- cassava, cocoyam and yam to cook Oron iwek ekpang ma otong, otor otor, okume and efre afang food experts/nutritionists hail as the best, many in rural village are probably taking for granted.   

As young as I was then I still remember these meat delicacies- nsok-obi and goat head-on-a-platter were served mainly to men with titles -family head, village chiefs and male age groups. Women were rarely invited to join the men.  



Overall, basic village food diet reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol associated with urban lifestyles. Also the fact that the locals were very active with labour-intensive farming more intense than gym work out was additional advantage!

Commercial farming, migration to the cites has contributed to the decline in rural diet where people are now faced with too many food choices. Processed food from Mr Biggs, Tantalizers, KFC, McDonalds have soared in demand and so has high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.      


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