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The Seasoning Is So Intense- Peppered, Spiced, Moist.....So Delish

My Signature Seabass Hu La La. Banana Leaf Wrapped Seabass Infused With Intense Flavour. Yummilicous

Back To The Kitchen Cooking !

Ha ha ! Someone just said stop talking. Stop writing ... show us food... So I oblige! I've been having technical problems loading my kitchen blog www.akonhob.simplesite.com in the past 6 months. I feel frustrated that nothing has been done despite my complaints to my service provider. I have decided to shop for another site so will keep everyone posted.  

Africans have been wrapping food in leaves before oyinbo started emulating us until they got tired and brought their own foils to wrap food. That didn't take long before we were warned about the dangers of food in foils.Chinese and Japanese wrap food in bamboo and banana leaves. Today, food in 5star eateries wrapped in banana and bamboo leaves is the real deal !   

I will be sharing my new recipes in my new book out in 2 years!  





Nicely Wrapped Ready For The Oven. Meanwhile Someone Sitting Next To Me Ate 2 Wraps Of Seabass!....Longa throat popping

Why Do People Have Difficulty Wrapping Banana Leaves?

Did I tell You About A Literary Thief I Found On Instagram That Stole From My Blog?

My detective work paid off while surfing the social media found a blogger from central Africa that used my food photos/images to post on his blog! I gave him 10 mins to remove it thankfully he obliged. And he wanted me to prove ownership first! I cursed him out...taunted him until he backed off! Who born monkey?

Onyeshi....ino....Oleh....thief !!!

Inbox me if you want to know how you can detect copyright infringement.

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