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  • I made unexpected departure exit from Facebook to focus more on my blog, give it total loving care (TLC), more positive energy, shine its eyes.
  • Share my life, chit chat with my delectable delicious followers, the TRA tribe, my new TRABERS, The Real Akon Tribe, my online community.   
  • Entertain you, tickle you a bit, ensure you slide out of here with a bigger smile on your face. 
  • Besides, I get frustrated with people stealing my ideas without giving me due recognition or credit. One FB lady thief stole my idea changed the name of her GROUP Initiatives conveniently after I shared my post on BRANDING. She defintely admires me no doubt but won't give me credit for my hard work. And other literary thieves downloading my quality write ups, re-arranging to suit them. Facebook is a minefield, too crowded with the good, bad, ugly hustlers.      
  • I will be back with a different name invite back my old friends. My FB MESSENGER is still active to share posts from my blog.


Let me just say only those active with my WHATSAPP link to my blog will receive direct notification from me while those already on my blog email group will automatically be notified as usual.  







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 Also, exciting Interviews With Restaurant Owners Lined Up After Lockdown Is Fully Lifted. 


Please Note That This Page Will Be Undergoing Changes Including My Video News Update Due Shortly.