Ugwu (Pumpkin) leaves and other vegetables displayed in the most unhygienic condition. A familiar scene in most African Food Stores. Leaves left on the floor. This shop is off a busy High Road not far from the Council offices yet no one bats an eye!

Where Are The Council Food Standard Agency?

See leaves on dirty floor where clearly the shop keeper is not interested in food hygiene.

Or Health and Safety inspectors and why have they failed to do regular food hygiene inspection? Even when the public turn blind eyes, are the Council not duty bound to ensure Food Law Inspection are adequately implemented?

Why can't these African & Asian Food stores display foods in similar ways mainstream supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsburys , Waitrose, Lidl etcs do ?  

Foods display on dirty floor in battered boxes. Rats and cockroaches thrive on filthy environment and will surely run over the veggies at night.          


I suspect The Council Are equally Not Really Interested In Inspecting These Food Stores.

Yam Is Definitely No Longer Fresh by the look of it.

as no indication of improvements in the state of these stores. Smell of rotten foods inside large industrial freezers that have not been cleaned God knows when hits you as soon as you walk in.

Mountains of packaged 'fufu', seafoods, frozen agidi, ogi, kpomo,frozen shaki, buried in large freezers year in year out awaiting sale.   

Why can't the stores get rid of these foods if they are not selling?    

Buy Fresh African Foodstuffs on Wednesdays or Thursdays

When they are freshly delivered to the stores. They go fast upon delivery as bulk buys are mainly from catering companies. 

Food Standard Agency inspect and rate restaurants, clearly there is a gap as more need to be done to check the hygiene standard of these food stores. How can the Council ignore food places when the store keeper should be issued a Notice for failing food hygiene in public place.     

The Rules are there but not adequately implemented and I think it is scandalous. I will tag the Local Council in question and await their response.