How Big Are Your Balls?


Pardon me if you did not get my drift. I mean how big is your 'eba'? Are you eating too much eba with soup? 


How 'big' is measured may help to check how much you eat. I used ice cream scoop approx 28-30 g = 100 calories.

100g approx = 300 calories that is  3 ice cream scoops.

Pounded Yam.

Plus Meat, Fish, Shaki, Roundabout, Gizzard Otherwise Known as Orishirishi and Palm Oil.

Then breakfast and dinner. Remember Recommended Daily calories for

Women is 2000 calories 

Men is 2500 calories.

Someone with huge appetite can consume more than 3000 calories in one meal. The total in a day can alarmingly exceed our daily recommendation. Are you eating too much? 

That is why you must check your BALLS!!!