EKPUBÀ NJÒR- London Food Diversity Means You Can Buy Almost Anything Ethnic. My Mum Wants This Fish Badly If Only I can Find Someone Reliable beyond trust. It is Salted Smoked Herring. Perfect for cooking village savoury rice otherwise known as village or poor man jollof rice Iwuk Edesi.

My Own mamaput Stew. I Don't Like Oily Stew That Much!

G R E A S Y        S P O O N 

Instagram food photos from West African kitchens are revelatory and eye popping sensations! Ayemase, obe atadindin, Iya Festus stews drenched in greasy palm oil. Some too greasy potential heart attack on a plate! Food sweet oooo but don't kill yourself with all the orishirishi assortment of meat a.k.a internal affairs- shaki, roundabout, kpomo, cow leg & foot, tongue, shoulder, neck all the meat parts...chaai!  

Yoruba speciality 'Efo Riro' at a glance appears like veggie green edikang ikong and afang soups. Expert cooks make pot of evergreen soup. You have to shop fresh to get a fresh pot of soup,as only few expert cooks know how to pull an absolute delish evergreen soup. Edikang ikong won't look fresh from stale frozen ugwu and water leaves! The soup has to be so good that 2 wraps of fufu, poundo and hot yellow eba will wave goodbye to gym as if cold UK weather hasn't killed our gym goals.   

Just make me very happy and am all yours for the takeBig Grin!       

Smokey Party Jollof Rice

My Signature Okro Soup

Ekpang Nkwukwo



This Is ORON 'Iwèh mbong'. Igboland version is called 'abacha'. I made it from fresh root cassava tubers. Eaten with coconut or 'ekpuba njor salted ' smoked mackerel. These foods are from my kitchen.

Peeled Cassava

Cassava Washed Ready For Cooking Iweh aziak.

Ekpuba Njor in my native Oron. Ibibio & Efik Ekpuba.

This Is What Defines Who I Am Today. So Proud!

Broadband Wahala!

I woke up this morning chirpy and cheerful suddenly found out my PC had packed up! I thought the' village people' have been up to no good since I used it last. So I phoned technical support team at PC CURRYS my providers who can only talk to you if your mthly Direct debit is still active y'know what I mean!  Long story short, it turned out hackers or scammers have been at it the rest they say is history. Hmmmm .... I'm tired of hearing bullshit about scammers, mbok! Which kind hackers? Hackers indeed. My 'village people'  have dealt with the culprits so my PC is back up and running Wild!    

I'm itching to tell you something about Marks & Spencers but won't just yet. Don't get too excited I haven't won any sponsorship ____wish  I did! Anyway, I suspect they've been snooping into my blog so I have to wait until i'm ready to share. Based on the letter I received from them they won't want me to talk about it but of course they know i'm a food blogger sorry they just have to hold their breathe.  

I've Just Taken This Photo On My Way From The Chemist. I have a Cold So A Bit Snooty. Hmmmm… Who's after me again.... mbok!!😎😎😎🤣🤣