When You've Already Made All Inclusive Payment, Why Should You Serve Yourself?

Lazy Checkout Staffs

I was recently in POUNDLAND, American equivalent of $1 shop in south London where everything is supposed to be £1 but isn’t. Another commercial gimmick! It was unusually quiet with no queue. I noticed both self-service and manned check out staffs were chatting away from their tills. Suddenly the queue snaked longer with customers while three staffs were still chatting in the aisle unperturbed. One came and redirected us to use the self- service tills. No! she didn’t ask!  

Few customers and I remained in the queue still waiting to be served at the manned checkout tills. The same uniformed staff came back again to re-direct us to self-service till. When she approached me, she noticed my phone video-camera had been flashing red light video-ing____she quickly announced for checkout staffs to return to their tills!    

How Clean Is Your Kitchen?

There’s a fine line when your kitchen gradually tips from mess to squalor and that’s overly worrying. Washing exploding out of the laundry basket----sink full of food drying onto plates. Finger marks, grimes and stains on food cupboards.  I’ve lost count of times I’ve written about dirty fridge and freezer packed with ‘internal affairs’- kpomo, shaki, roundabout, cowlegs and frozen veggies-bitter leaf, ugwu left for months long forgotten.

Cleaning is hard chore with all the huff and puff on the floor, stairs, mirrors and dancing with hoover room to room. Hot menopausal sweat descending with dizzy spells and hot flushes aren’t for the faint hearted. I’m pea green with envy for people who employ cleaners to clear up the mess. My daughter says get a cleaner. It’s a resounding no unless she pays for it. Shhhh! she pays for her cleaning...