13. Sep, 2016

My Profile - The Journey So Far

I mentioned a fortnight ago about blog overhaul gradual changes by 2017. I have decided to start immediate process having successfully completed 2 modules in Nutrition & Weight Management and Pre & Post Natal Nutrition aimed to provide dietary advice to clients and to set up my own weight management courses as a Certified Nutrition Coach.

I coach one-On-one as well as group sessions. I will display my original certificate from City & Guilds when I receive it shortly in line with professional requirements.   

You will see a broad range of information on African recipes as well  as exploring holistic nutrition-healthy mind and body e.g when most people  believe fresh fish pepper soup can relieve  or even cure certain ailments. At the end of the day, when we're unwell,we crave pepper soup!

In the past, I have shared and celebrated healthy food recipes and tips. This time I will introduce and address 'superfoods' for expectant mothers covering a wide range of foods to avoid and what foods to limit when it is necessary to cut down.        

Transparency is key when dealing direct with clients hence I would like to provide you a brief background about me.

I have MA in  Social Science (Goldsmiths-University Of London) and BA.Sociology ( Middlesex University).

I have worked in the UK Natwest Bank, British Gas Corporation, Guardian Royal Insurance company  prior to working in various Local Authorities Revenue & Finance Departments until October 2010 after 30 yrs of continuous full time employments. 

I have never stopped working even when my kids were babies as I was never the stay-at-home-mother. My husband and I financed our children through private schools here in the UK with huge sacrifice.    

I had to reinvent myself by exploring other career opportunities when my children flew the nest and  settled in their lives. I am passionate about nutrition and weight management hence reasons why I did the course.

I visualise food as a work of art! That creative preparation,cooking and finishing processes that finally end up on the dining table for consumption.

I feel I should also add that my written and practical exams were well presented. The institution I studied have requested to use my papers and research work as case studies. I feel honoured!

Thanks for your regular visits and advice.