Food Hygiene Stanadard Can Only Work In a Clean Kitchen.

Where You Cook Must Be Kept Cleaned

Many will agree however boring it may sound a clean kitchen is a must. Cleaning and scrubing kitchen floor can never be exciting however the task must be done unless you want to prepare,cook and store food in filthsThumbs down

Fridge Should Be Cleaned On Average 2Weekly.

Kitchen Bin CAN SMELL TO HIGH HEAVEN Especially in This Warm Weather. Empty It Everyday, Deodorise It & Clean It Inside Out.

Forgotten Areas- Glass Cabinet, Non-Perishable Food Cupboard, Cutlery Trays et al

My Favourite Cleansing Tools... Fresh Lemon Is MUST-HAVE!

Long forgotten awaiting spring cleaning! Yes, we have all the excuses' don't have time' but we do have time for other things.

It's misplaced priority. Agreed?   

Dried Food stuffs  (okazi, onugbu, bitterleaves, grounded pepper) from Nigeria also have SHELF LIFE as they should be eaten within weeks and not left indefinitely for months- years!   

Please check your food cupboard, freezer, fridge for long forgotten food items buried waiting to be THROWN AWAY. Some discoveries will shock you. LOL.... old brown okazi moulded buried in deep freezer. Well, it proves the last time you cleaned that deep freezer.

Don't Fret as many of us are GUILTY.Wild