Tips for Authors- Bloggers-Writers


  • Don’t expect to make big money writing books. It took JK Rowling & Jeffrey Archers over 10 years to break through although technologies have helped ease marketing online with Amazon, Facebook et al.
  • Author’s job is to write, not to market. Don’t self-promote your book; that’s the wrong way. Self-promote is cheap! The right way is to brand it- source out good marketing talents in the industry. Let the experts with proven track records bring your story to the wider audience.
  •  Technology has eased the process, open the door to infinite number of screens worldwide at the press of a button. I’ve seen authors promote their books at people’s weddings, at Balham tube station, and Oxford street rather desperately. Hire church halls, libraries, community centres, your local town halls et all. You don’t have to go to posh venues to launch your books.     
  • You’re the storytellers entertainment industries can bring your story to TV and films. 


My Daughter Introducing Me To The Stage.

Aspiring Bloggers

  •  Target young audience; they’re not interested in Buhari and Trump. Feed them with fashion, gossips, controversy, light hearted entertainment. Don’t bombard them with headline floods in Florida, hurricane horror stories that they’re less perturbed about. They want to know who Linda Ikeji’s baby father is, what Wizkid’s 3 baby mamas have been up to, who Jay-Z is sleeping with behind Beyonce’s back.
  •   Cut and paste latest gossips from Instablog9ja. Linda Ikeji and African bloggers newsfeed are streamlined from this notorious blog. I got covered once on this blog when Wizkid blocked me on Instagram for dissing him and former Miss Nigeria Adaeze Yobo (footballer Joseph Yobo’s wife) got the wrong end of the stick from me for insulting his mum’s former lover footballer John Fashanu. It was before my blog transformation that drove the traffic to my budding blog. Yes! I have ruffled some feathers to get my blog noticed. 
  •  Worldly people are clamouring to be fed with stories. They’re not interested in the Chancellor’s budget and inflation rate so don’t bore them with it else they’ll quickly decamp to other blogs.    

Writers With Unpublished Works

  •  Books are meant to be read. What’s the point writing if you don’t get people to read it? Aim to be a published author not just written & filed away.  I have been approached by very clever intelligent friends of mine who said they’ve unpublished works filed away gathering dusts due to lack of publishing knowledge. I would add marketing, sale and promotion.
  •  It is a very tough and daunting industry and frightening if you are new not sure where to start. It took me a while to sum up the courage to venture into publishing my writings.
  • Research more until you decide. Don’t rush and don’t use cheap publishers and, never do-it-yourself publishing to avoid too many mistakes. Don’t cut corners.    

Avoid These Mistakes

  • Writing headlines in BLOCK CAPITAL letters would appear you're shouting at your audience with aggressive undertone. 
  • Space out your contents with paragraphs. Don't write in long windy blocks.
  • Check your spelling mistakes, don't rush to post, quality posts matter and says a lot about you. 
  • Why post same news globally covered by major newsfeed like Sky News and CNN? It shows your storyline is limited. Facebook is full of people posting the same news. Create your own genre don't repeat old news or you could write a review about that headline news instead.
  • People get bored easily so endeavour to reinvent your writing style with interesting topics.  


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