Excerpt From My Book Eat With Pleasure (2017)

Bitter Leaf Health Benefit Is Probably The Best When Compared With Other Dark Green Vegetables.

The Bitter The Better ! Bitter But Sweet!

I buy fresh bitter leaf every week. Freshly delivered, washed, chopped, juice extracted & preserved in the fridge. 

I do not wash away the dark green juice like most people do to get rid of the bitterness because the dark green juice is good for you. 

I Drink Fresh Bitter Leaf Juice 3 Times a Week because its Health Benefits.

( Freshly Chopped Bitter Leaves )

Prevents bloating

Speeds up metabolism

Aids digestion



The Dark Green Bitter Juice Has Antioxidant Properties

Dark Green Bitter Leaf Juice is Really Bitter & pungent yet Highly Medicinal.

Beneficial To Health & Total Wellbeing. 

Egusi and Igbo Onugbu Soup Taste & Texture is Enriched With Bitter Leaf

Add to fresh fish soup for a different taste & flavour.

Ogbono Soup with fresh bitter leaf gives bitter sweet taste.

Please don't buy dried ones SOLD pre packaged after all the goodness has been squeezed out.