It is better to weigh yourself once a week not more than that.

Avoid Regular Weighing On Bathroom Scale

Reasons being scale doesn't necessarily reflect your true weight besides body weight fluctuates based on what you eat and drink even within 24 hrs.

Yesterday morning 1st thing I did when I got out of bed was to weigh myself at 10.5 stones (67kg) approx. By bed time, my weight registered on the scale at 11 stone. That was half a stone sudden & drastic rise!

Why? It's all the water I drank- 6 glasses a day plus food which was in moderation nothing much. Then next morning I was back to 10.5 stone again after morning pee and poo to clear the system plus you lose weight after a good night sleep. That's why health experts say good night sleep aid weight loss failing your body metabolise slowly causing weight gain. I won't go into too much details.






Tape on the floor

1-I would recommend using smaller size old pair of jeans or dress to check weight loss progress instead of weighing yourself every day. Aim to get into that jeans or dress.

2- Use tape measurement for your-




3- Leave the scale alone for now. Note down the figure and check progress.

Inch Loss

Sometimes we tend to lose inches around certain part of the body faster than other problem areas. I lose inches faster on my arms and legs because I do yoga classes regularly that tones and firms the muscle.

Too much carbs food with oil drenched soups are high in cholesterol settle in your hips and tummy love handles ....flabby skin.

It is about balancing all the 5 food groups and knowing your limit. No kidding ! You know when you stomach is full. When you push pass it you are now feeding your greediness not what your body needs.

Body is conditioned to know food limit. True.

Remember excess food stored in your body will convert into fat. That's why you gain weight and just drag it along.


Exercise helps Tone & Firm Saggy & Flabby Skin. 30mins & 3 Sessions = 1 hr 30mins a week is a good start!

If you can spend many hours at events & parties why can't you sacrifice 30 mins thrice a week to look after your body?  

It's laziness๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

5 Food Groups Are=

Carbs - wholefood from brown bread, brown rice (ofada rice) 

Protein- LEAN meat, chicken 

Veggies - Dark Green leafy vegetables- Spinach, ugwu 

Fruit- Orange, Apple, mango

Good Fat ( oily fish, Avocado, natural nuts,