At The Beacon Books To Pay Homage Where 1st Afro-Caribbean Publishing House Was Founded In 1966 in the UK.


I Will Be Doing Rounds Of Book Reading Engaging our Communities So Feel Free And Join In.

I had a fab time yesterday at the Beacon Books. It is a lovely place with kids and adults sections on the upstair/level___________always bustling with regular events. I had planned joining in a book reading today Saturday 19 May but forgot it is the #royalwedding so had to cancel it; will check for another event date.     

The proprietor inquired why I wrote about African cuisine. I said, 'to celebrate African cuisine, create more awareness, let non-African food lovers be more receptive of our cuisine, and hopefully our cuisine can compete effectively with the mainstream on the international scene'.  

I also said there are criticisms in the narrative which many people can relate with. She quipped' about time someone tells them what needs to be done in order to get it right'.  

There's A Long Road Ahead!

Also Restaurant Food tasting is on the agenda too. No doubt it is quite challenging mere thinking of it ________will take a step at a time in the months ahead and will definitely invite friends and family to join me.

Book readings will be on a Saturday only purely for convenience. My aim is to engage white audience, attract British-African and non-African food lovers, readers who don't know much about our cuisine. After all, it is about creating awareness, branding Afro flavour. British-Africans are our British born children of African origin, including people from bi-racial (mixed race) background.      

I don't want to engage just our black community________it is about integrating white and black ; blending everyone for one vision.         

Croydon Central Library Is Like A Big Village If You've Ever Been There. It Might Be My Next Call When I Can Secure A Date

I am relying on the management to organise a book reading session for me until then fingers crossed. Again, my aim is to target white audience along with others.





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