Courtesy Photo- He Sure Enjoys Eating With His Hands!

My Signature Okro Soup Will Melt Mother-in-law's heart. Put more Pepper To Keep Her Mute! 😎😂


Dip Your Fingers Eat from Communal Bow

-West African Dining Etiquette.

Be proud of your food heritage! Eating with hands has been around for centuries, arguably longer than using cutleries the westernised way. Let your fingers get that sensuous feelings evoke emotion and incredible passion.

Let the large communal bowls (huge wooden, clay or bone china, plastic containers) take centre stage in the dining area surrounded by diners/guests eagerly waiting to eat. Depending on what is served, for now let’s go all African with generic ‘swallow’ pounded yam, eba, amala, fufu, akpu what have you? 

Roll small or large swallow___able ‘balls’ with fingers. Punch in a hole, let the scooped soup sink in. Open your mouth, savour the flavour. It isn’t uncivilised or barbaric ___’bush'  in pidgin english! It is the customary West African food etiquette.

Pair it with African soup-I mean all-in-one-pot enriched with chunky assortment of meat, fish, seafood with spice overload mixed with colourful red palmoil and green veggies. Ladies and gentlemen, West African sumptuous soup is a rainbow of colors guaranteed to bring out the full AFRO FLAVOUR!    

E N J O Y ❤

Excerpt From My Book- My African Restaurant Adventure- Branding Afro Flavour (2018) P.64

My Signature Seabass Served On Banana Leaf.


Banana Leaves Are useful and Multi functional.

Genuine Pounded Yam 'swallow' Is Made From Organic Yam Tuber. Not Sure Of Those Pre-packaged So Called 'poundo' U C In Most African Foodstores.

Yam Washed Ready To Be cooked Prior To Be Pounded Or Blended.

Mortar & Pestle Are Used in Blending /Pounding Pounded Yam. Bought In Brixton Market. I Tried Pounding Once....Gosh! Was So Fearful Of My Neighbours & The Loud Noise Discouraged Me. Don't Really Like Pounded Yam Food Mixer Either So It's Now Gathering Dusts Somewhere!

= From My Kitchen

Edikang Ikong Goes Hollywood With Actress/Songstress Keri Hilson. Unsure When Photo Was Taken In The US. My (Late) school mate & Friend Awat Ikpeme Once Owned A Restaurant In Los Angeles In The 90s. One Of The Best African Restaurants Then!