Steak Slowly Cooked Soaked In Rich Red Wine Sauce Is The Best Way 2 a Fab Weekend!

Potatoes Prep Pan Fried Prior To Oven Roast.

Ready For Oven . It Will come out Very Crispy and Fluffy Inside! Weekend Joke Guys ! What's Crispy and Fluffy Inside?

I'm not Big On Meat More of a Fish Person Compare To Hubby & Kids.

Occasional Steak can be magical! 

RECIPE (Steak Soaked In Red Wine Sauce)

- Maris Piper Potatoes or any fresh potatoes

- Fresh Organic Red Green Yellow Pepper (oyinbo pepper) Big Grindiced in cubes set aside. 

- One large Onion diced in cubes set aside.

- One Clove of garlic 

- 1/2  Glass of red wine ( white wine for white meat like chicken) 

- Scotch Bonnet ( I call it Jamaican or Nsukka Pepper !Wild

- Beef stock 

- Lemon Juice

- a pinch of sea salt 

- ginger root 

- One red sweet apple (diced in cubes) Not Granny Smith!!!

Very Simple To Prep & Cook As Followings:

You need One Sauce Pan for the steak & One large frying  Pan to pan fry potatoes prior to oven and medium size frying pan for the veg-herbs-seasonings (oyinbo food wahala!).


-First heat the sauce pan drop half teaspoon butter before the steak on high heat for few mins. The steak will start bleeding red at the instant heat. Turn the heat from high to medium for another few mins then leave it on very low heat for another 10 mins.

- Pour in that 1/2 glass of red wine leave it to marinate while prepping the veggie-herbs-seasonings. 


-In medium size frying pan add one tablespoonful (depending on numbers of diners) of cooking oil in medium-to-high heat stir fry the diced red apple cubes first until golden brown that will give sweet zesty tangy flavour when it is ready.

-Add diced onions allow few mins before adding red and yellow 'oyibo' peppers then stir fry in high heat for 2 mins.

-add crushed garlic and ginger, pinch of salt, lemon juice and beef stock. Remember stir-fry is done in high heat NOT in low to medium to avoid being soggy and mushy, get my drift!  Now pour the whole stir fried content into the sauce pan with the steak in very low heat for 10 mins turn off the heat.  


You need the large frying pan to  pan fry potatoes quickly in medium to high until golden brown on the surface prior to transfer into pre heated oven. 

 -very little cooking oil is needed, before you add potatoes already cut to desired shapes and sizes sprinkle sea salt in the heated oil to give potatoes a nice crispy finish!. I prefer my potatoes with the skin on cut to large sizes too. I like them bigWildWild!  

- Next transfer to oven in medium heat to roast until ready to be served.    


Pan Fried Diced Red Apple

You Better Be Nice To Me Else I wouldn't Share Any More Recipe!

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