Food Is The Most Powerful Medicine

let Food Be The Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food' - Hippocrates (Greek Physician)

Ekpang Nkukwo Is Rich In Taste And Packed With Nutrients- Use Palm Oil In Moderation

  • Plantain Is High In Iron

  • Ubeh

  • Asparagus

  • Free Range Chicken

  • Banana

  • Seafood

Use Food For Healing- It Works Better- Much Better Than Prescriptions

stockfish Is Sealed With Nutrients. Buy Quality Stockfish

Many people rely on vitamin supplements to fight deficency in the body and rightly so if recommended by relevant authorities. Food is the key, God knows I hate taking vitamins. Having studied nutrition, food well cooked to retain all the vital nutrients should be an option.

-Why can't we take all the time in the world and cook healthy meals? Surely, you can't be too busy not to cook.     

-Unhealthy and poor  diets  contribute to   Diabetes,alzheimers'diesease. fatique,headaches,allergies,cancers and digestive disorder.   

Quality Foods

Buy Lean Meat

Lean Meat (reduced fat),fresh veggies, eat more white meat from free range chicken, seafood, trim off fat from oxtail and goat meat.

Kpomo, Shaki may taste good but they lack nutritional value just rubbery meat!

Buy organic unrefined palm oil; use in moderation.

Deep frying kills nutrients in food- steam, stir fry and blanch instead.

Don't leave food too long in the fridge. 

Good food is the magic formula.

Think Good Food.




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