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Let's Get Physical With Exercise!

CHAIR EXERCISES you can do at home stretch arms and legs. Burn belly fat, and fat around lower abdomen. 

- WALL WORKOUT -for core strengthening, body balance and spine lengthening.

-Exercise in a sitting position is easy to follow movement that targets major problem areas.

-Get a strong chair, find a comfortable accessible spacious corner, follow my step by step workout transformation for your beautiful body fully toned firmed to a healthy body weight. 

Spare A Thought

Ever Wonder Why Certain Individuals Are Quick To Critique Yet Won't Give You Well Deserved Credit Or Praise, Will Go Mute When They Should Actually Say Something?

My Response To Twitter Outcry From Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson Who Pens Her Anger At Hate & Jealousy In The Film Industry. 

However rife the narrative is, let's not succumb to it. Who bad belle help? 😝 Clean heart void of negativity is the best MEDICINE👌. Precisely what the doctor orders in our lives. Stop the hate and Jealousy. Life is too short to waste on hate. Let people be, let them do what makes them happy.

Focus on yourself, do your thing, be happy with people. Look the other way if you don't like it. I have always walked away from negative people ensure a big gap, distance stands firmly between them and I. Absolutely nothing will make me go near such individuals. Stop trying if someone hates you, you can't help the situation. . 

My advice, keep away from negative folks. 

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Last topic WHY DO NAIJA WOMEN OVERDRESS? Attracted mixed responses from plenty lady fashionistas, real classy ladies. Notably, point of correction, though, I should have said 'some women' not generalise my topic. Descriptions of certain women didn't receive much fanfare, instead 'masquerade', 'clown', 'fake nails', 'bad dressers' are  how some women portray themselves.

See how we critique our own without a fight. Fancy if I was putting men on fashion police, check out their fashion faux pas, risk WW3. Right now I can't even recall men fashion sense though some make very little effort. I like to describe my hubby as an eccentric dresser bold with colours!

Stand Astride a Chair Do A Squat