My 3 Vital Tools

My phones, PCs, and books are survival kits I need in a desert island. To put it in significant order, my PCs first. Yes! All my memoirs are stored in this reliable tools, Blue and Pinky are fond names for my PCs. Pinky is getting slow at the ripe age of 13yrs. Remember when it 1st came out? A pc technical person said the pink colour will fade___________he was wrong; still live and pinky!

My other PC, Bang & Olufsen HP I've had for just 3 yrs is slower than Lagos traffic, snaking from 3rd Mainland Bridge to Lagos Island and London M25. Serious snail pace ooo. My patience has been tried, tested and stretched beyond any level of tolerance. Warranty & back-up are so vital to protect contents. Losing all your thoughts can be Countless times on the phone to PC World/Currys can't be fun.

2nd treasure is my phone. Nobody comes between me and my phone ooo. Na mi talkam ooo. I sat next to a very rude lady at a dinner party, lacked social decorum, thought nothing of bad-mouthing, 'wai yu orway ondi fon' _________'Why are you always on the phone?' was directed at me. In reply, I quipped, 'are you talking to me ?'.Her outspokeness didn't bother me so much as her effrontery. That's why I don't like dinner party__________you're glued to a sit engaging in small talk with complete strangers. I'm more pro-garden party anytime.   

3rdly , a good book. I find it weird that people don't read. Why? I can easily tell someone who doesn't read, even though they pretend they like reading. Funny, how they like using big grammar. Talking of which, I have just finished reading, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 's AMERICANAH. Brilliant piece! I have read all her books anyway. She's gifted.    

On a more serious note, you better tell your friends and family to buy my book. It is a brilliant book you will enjoy reading. Don't forget to leave your comment on AMAZON, Barnes & Nobles, et al.



Akon Margeret Kalu