So Ecstatic About My Glowing Book Review From Journalist Barry Silverstein ( Clarion Reviews)

It is always a very anxious moment when you wait to hear about your book review. I am sure any author can relate with that. I would like to thank BARRY SILVERSTEIN of Clarion Reviews (New York) for this glowing review of my book. God knows I worked tirelessly amidst many challenges- criticisms, innuedoes, back stabbings, gossips and, many more.

Who cares! What matters most is the final product which I have successfully delivered singlehandedly. I would also thank genuine friends who stood by me, my family and, African restaurants though with difficulties provided access. A very big thank you to my publishers Authorhouse UK who gave me the encouragement when others had doubts. Before it starts sounding like an Oscar Ceremony speech, please see below book review noting a glowing review is a hot ticket for sale. I am absolutely loving this😀.         

Yes ! I scored 4 out of 5.







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Be Careful Who You Take With You In Your Journey

When I announced during my first book launch at the Foyles Bookshop in Charing Cross Road , London in 2017 that my next project will be restaurant visits and live food videos from my kitchen, someone who was there stole my idea and started showing BIZZARRE Facebook Live videos from her kitchen. She has absolutely no background in aesthetic food; nothing. It now seems she has finally lost interest or so I imagine.  

I work with passion, love and sincerity. I cook with love, share food tips on my food blog as best as possible.  


It is pointless to attempt something when the passion isn't there. I am me ....I will never be someone else. Be proud of who you are and what you are or represent. That's my mantra about life.  

I have Already Started That Conversation On My Book Website. Please Join Me Now.


Publishers send books out for review at your own risk as it may not come back with good feedback and you cannot change a bad review. So it is a risk you have to take & accept. Thankfully mine came back very positive.😁😁😁