Cholesterol Is Fatty Substance Found In Your Blood, stick to the wall of your blood vessels, clog up, become stiff and narrow leading to heart attack and stroke. This horrible disease has killed many people I knew. It could have been avoided with a healthy lifestyle but unfortunately people ignore the signs and make bad choices for themselves.

If You Don't Like Eating Fruits 'juice it''. Eat well For LIFE.

You can check your cholesterol level with your doctor, at the health centres, clinics, pharmacy and NHS walk-ins. 

Everyone has cholesterol-both bad and good cholesterol so don't panic! Bad cholesterol reading means you have high cholesterol in your bloodstream. Good cholelsterol helps keep bad cholesterol in check. Aim for low 'bad' cholesterol and high good cholesterol.

Reasons Why Fried Food Linked With High Cholesterol Must Be Avoided

We grew up thinking eating fried food was luxurious and a privilege. Sadly we now know that too much oil drenched omelete with sardine and corned beef in it paired with dodo fried plantain, fried bread, fried yam ,fried cocoyam and fried hot pepper sauce are foods drenched with high cholesterol. Too much fried foods seem to be the order of the day! It is bad and unhealthy.   

To avoid further damage to our health

  • choose healthy cooking methods -instead of frying yam, cocoyam, plantain boil or roast it and toast bread don't fry it.  
  • avoid cheese, oil drenched soups should be eaten in moderation
  • eat red meat in moderation
  • drink 6-8 glasses of water to remove toxins and cleanse the system  
  • Be active- exercise burn fatty tissues in your body
  • always aim for a balanced diet-eat enough fruits and dark green veggies  


Read This Excerpt About Cholesterol

Signs Of Bad Cholesterol

  • Wobbly Belly
  • Afor beer in men who drink a lot
  • love handles in women
  • unsightly spare tyres in mid rif hanging loosely  
  • thunder thighs  

Food That Enhances Good Fat Cholesterol (HDL) High Density Lipoprotein Are:

Avocado On Toast Instead Of Margarine/Butter Is Healthier Option.

  • avocado
  • Omega 3 rich unprocessed natural nuts ( limit salted cashew/peanuts) 
  • low fat butter 
  • olive oil
  • rapeseed oil 

Bitter Truth Is Men and Women Who Are Grossly Overweight Know The Risks But Choose To Ignore It Until It Is Too Late. A Lady I knew Died In Her Sleep Recently From Heart Attack, Stroke and Diabetes. Take a Look At Yourself In Front Of The Mirror And Judge For Yourself.

Instead of Deep Fried 'Shallow' fry in little cooking oil.

Happy Weekend Ladies & Gentlemen!

Eat Enough Fruits/Veggies Daily.