Who Does Dinner Party?

Believe me not many if we're honest. It isn't just about laying out beautiful linens and cutlery set to impress our guests for it takes a lot more than that to host a dinner party. Don't even think it is anything like Come Dine With Me UK channel 4 popular dining series. Indeed, it involves far too many fanfare, unneccessary fussing, fine dining (knives/forks arrangement/etiquette), table manners (no menacing tooth picking). Engage in small talk between meals (politics and religion excluded, don't come here looking for new converts), say the grace, I mean prayer (keep it short people are too hungry to bother).

Eat quietly with your mouth closed, don't munch like a horse biko! All mobile phones should be on mute mode better switched off to avoid being distracted.


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Laying the table is not for the faint hearted for it takes patience and time. Seating arrangement can be a real nightmare the most challenging not to upset arch-enemies so don't keep them sitting next or opposite each other unless you want sharp cutleries flying everywhere! Alcohol should just be enough to keep everyone merry not tipsy and drunk causing disorderly behaviour. chaai!

Too many incident that I would rather save them for another time but too itching to share someone got so drunk smashed down dining room glass cabinet sending bone china and wine glasses flying everywhere. Sorry if the culprit is reading this.. who send you? 

So my quiz- are you game for dinner party?  My advice have a garden party instead of dinner party. It is spacious and convenient for everyone to 'circulate' (ha ha ha...posh for mingle), spill drinks, fall over without bumping into each other. Don't let guests wander about into the main house unless they're using the toilet/bathroom. Hire a mobile toilet if you may.        


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