Back Like I never Left

Positive life comes with a clean mind. Wanna know why? Read on.

Ever since my books publication I’ve had the odd glossy inflated congratulatory messages from friends and foes whilst their Facebook innuendoes point to the contrary. I have come to realise that I need the courage of my conviction and willpower to see me through. Work hard like a Trojan if you like, without a clean mind you’ll never get anywhere in life.

Life is like a dice; you flip up some ladders or takes you down too many venomous snakes that bite your big fat bottom. I’m sick and tired of people trying to portray image of what they could be but weren’t. Crux of the matter is women are their own worst enemy. Women are nowhere finding the truth of empowerment than they were years ago.

They hate themselves except few who are useful and functional in society. Read Simone de Beauvoir: The Second Sex,  Psychoanalysis and Feminism by Juliet Mitchell and Maya Angelou’s literary collections just to get you on the right footing feminism and feminist ideologies. They teach and preach love not hate.

Same week my 2nd book came out someone who was among the 1st few to congratulate me couldn’t wait to post her four favourite books on her Facebook wall strategically ensured none of my books got mentioned. Another mutual ‘friend’ was also busy on her Facebook wall promoting another book, even heralded it as a ‘best seller’, again my book didn’t get mentioned. 

I’ve celebrated people I have never met on my blog and I have shared several words of encouragement so why the hatred? Michele Obama once said ‘ when they go low, I go high’ that resonates again the person I am. How’s your resentment or hatred going to change the fact that I scored 4 out of 5 for my book review? How would your vile & bile prevent my readership peaking?

Still reading? Sometimes it is good to look the other way tinged with despicable nonchalance but when hatred inevitably rear its ugly head the truth must be told. Some people are just as bad as the ‘naughty’ professor who should know better. Go and write your own book and stop hating. Manic aggressive menopausal women attacking each other everywhere; left right and centre even at a wedding! Go fix your life ....jor!