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No_______I didn't do research on dining etiquette. My dad was someone who loved dining out so he introduced us his children to the restaurant scene right from a young age. I did the same for my kids. Read my book, check out my childhood exposure to fine dining and more importantly why children should be introduced early in life to master dining etiquette.

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Q: How do you hold a glass of champagne?

A: Hold the glass on the stem.....not on the rounded top.

Drink Glasses

Q: Are you serving drinks in the right glasses?

A: Red wine glass is bigger in size than white wine glass. Champagne is served in a flute- tall long slim glass. Beer/ale/Guinness stout/water in tumblers (thick large glasses). Spirits- sherries, whiskey, brandy and port in short rounded glasses.

Gentlemen must not forget to gently swirl their drink like 007 James Bond. ... b4 they take a sniff and sip. Don't stir it.  Let the aroma hit your nose! Did I hear you protest 'who has time for this please'?Blush

Q: How do you drink wine?

A: You sip wine.You don't gulp it down like water, biko. Remember wine glass etiquette.....hold on the stem of the glass with your thumb finger firmly. Don't grab the glass on the rounded middle. Too 'bush' please! Sip it nasal sound or irritating lip smacking ...licking it away.Mad  Sniff to check the aroma to savour the full flavour. Cheers... D I N G!     



Q: How do you use set of cutlery on the table?

A:Navigate from outward to inward. Start on the left with the starter/appertiser fork, main dish fork beside the plate then pair with knife on the right side of the plate-salad knife, soup spoon, butter knife where applicable. Cutlery arrangement depends on what is being served. If unsure, take a quick look at other diners and correct your error. WildWAHALA. No noisy click-clack cutlery hitting the plate... don't even help to clear up b4 other diners finish their meals. Be patient and wait.  

No noisy munching like a horse please! Close your mouth, chew quietly...nothing should fly out from your mouth, use napkin or tissue to wipe away unsightly food particles settling around lip corners,yuk! Ensure your table napkin has been arranged as a baby bip to avoid accidental food stains on your clothes. No loud burp and tooth-picking on the table. All phones on mute mode. Thank you very much!      


Gentlemen don't forget to walk behind your ladies when you exit the dining area (African Men Take Note 😝🤑😎🤪🤣).


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Excerpt s From Dining Etiquette- African Way in my book- My African Restaurant Adventure








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