Why I Have Mobilised Local Communities

My local council is the gateway to mobilise local communities-libraries, community associations, churches, interest groups, pressure groups, peer groups, hospital food and nutrition, schools, and various organisations. 

In my case, the library is the community point of entry, where readers including food lovers can also have access to my books. I have donated my books to my local library and leading central libraries in London to boost awareness, let the light shine on my book. It is about engaging everyone, educate everyone, and sharing knowledge of African cuisine as exemplary in my book.

Wherever you are, whether in the UK, US, Canada, France, Australia, Africa, Spain, Italy, and New Zealand, my books are available. Buy a copy and donate to your local library where you live. It is much better to buy and donate to your local library than buying for someone who wouldn't read it. One book in a library can make several reading rounds to book lovers who will benefit from it and share the message multiple times. Be resourceful.


This week I will visit New Beacon Bookshop, the first and oldest Afro-Caribbean UK publishing house and bookshop that specialises in Afro-Caribbean and African literature. It was founded by John La Rose and his wife Sarah White in 1966 at  Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, London.    

The Iconic New Beacon Books Founded By John La Rose and his wife Sarah White in 1966.