My Thoughts On Threats From Women Who Can't Let Go Of The Past

Busola Dakolo and Prince Andrew's Virginia Roberts are trending news on social media right now, the latter Prince Andrew has gone global. Here are facts these women must know.


- Men do confess to their wives, girlfriends/lovers what the 'other woman' said or did.

- A smart wife/g'friend/lover will not confront the 'other woman once the score has been settled.  Why would she lose her dignity to entertain such? Pastor Fatoyibo's wife stood by her husband, not because she trusted him, she did because she is a mother hen whose overall priority is to protect the family, children, the church (business), and that powerful institution called marriage. Hilary Clinton did the same.

- Whatever transpires between 'the other woman' and the man is entirely their business and should remain so without any threat to the man's family. The duo should tackle their mess implicitly. Nor should it pose any catastrophic reaction on any innocent party outside their mess. A vital issue I have addressed very clearly in the video, watch again if you've missed the clip. 

- Low self esteem can trigger unnecessary threats when these women feel used and dumped.   

- Men move on quickly to the next 'catch' 'prey' in non-emotional attached affairs, while the 'other woman' intense high and low emotion, long cold lonely night, I mean all consuming lust for a man she can't see until emotions mounted, get the better of her, hence the threat!  😋 Nah Una sabi...