Unlocking Your Potential

Something brought me to a jolt just when I thought of throwing in the towel on Facebook, no, not about Cambridge analytica scandal before you jump into conclusion, that I'll come to later. Though I'm dying to share my critique on FB but wouldn't risk getting blocked by Mark Zuckerberg's cronies. If you haven't followed the news about how they manipulated users then you should right now! They've sold your personal data hence why they're worth $billions. They sell your data to businesses, ever thought why you frequently get those 'pop-ups' on your phones, from salesmen, banks, holidays companies etcs?

Moving on! Three FB friend requests quickly made me think again, I mean incredibly talented young Nigerians doing amazing things on FB. One young lady caught my attention since then I got hooked on her write-ups. Her daily input among a few others is refreshing, mesmerizing doses of reality checks. She  brought along other interesting young people on her FB thread discussing  everyday real-life issues with educational conference taking place on 29 March 2018 in Calabar hashtagged STANDOUT. Yes oh, they are standing out and making a difference!             

I don't think they realise how good they are.These new breed of young people are what our society desperately need right now. 1stly, hope, being able to rise above the voice of doubt and 2ndly, fear, rising to be the best they can be in the midst of adversity.  

It gives us semi-senior 🤓 citizens much needed break from conspicious displayed photo poses from social events, boring viral inspirational quotes, people bringing personal issues to social media jury. A senior citizen who should know better 'calling out' her 'frenemies', then the oddballs constantly sharing shocking' eye-popping images (thank God my kids are not on social media), innuendos kicking in back and forth, the list goes on. Well, if you don't like my comment, then next time learn a thing or two about social decorum, right? Beside, I blog and report back as seen!

The world is fast evolving so should we. It's about re-inventing ourselves, change the pace and unlock your potential. Self-discovery is about tapping into your inner strength for you would be surprised what you have to offer. Of course it would require dogged tenacity, perseverance, hardwork, patience and consistency. Don't give up get the momentum going. My favourite quote from her is

'those who care criticize where necessary, those who envy criticize the moment they think that they have found a weak spot' (Criss Jami)