African Restaurants In Transition By Akon Margaret Kalu

There has to be a game changer for African restaurants at home and in diaspora. We need to look at African restaurants differently. We need to transport it to where it should be, better still, to where it has never been. This is the only way we can change the conversation.

We're done with criticisms, let's move forward and reposition our African food heritage. Let's encourage non-African, African-British who are still struggling to understand our food to try something new. Tell your friends, family, and your work colleagues that African food goes beyond jollof rice for there are a lot waiting to be discovered. They also need to be aware that contemporary African restaurant like 805 restaurant in London is changing the dynamic from traditional setting to branding and revolutionising African food. Indeed, they've shifted the dynamic to something very positive and progressive. 

When waiting or serving staff present you with stains or marks on the glass, plate or cutlery, tell him or her to go back and clean it! Make them understand that you're not there to accommodate poor service. I have done it so many times. If you see something, say something. Keeping quiet won't help.

We know the problems, time to seek solution. We desperately need the answer now. We are part of the problems for accommodating poor service for so long, let's come together and re-address the underlying setbacks and avoid further pitfalls. I like to think that we are transitioning to branding African food. Who says oyibo don't like our food? Watch them in Naija parties and think again. African food revolution or explosion is on the way. We should all be flagbearers, yes, fly the flag, and maximise our chances.  

I urge everyone from restaurant owners including anyone in the food industry and diners to read my book and share what I can simply describe as a food-de-force as observed during my solo restaurant visits and food festivals in the UK. The message in my book is about transporting African food to international scene, how it can rank among the mainstream in the food industry. It is now time to fine dine.




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Akon Margaret Kalu