When asked 'Tell me about Yourself 'can be Tricky To Reply

  • In job interview or in casual situation, either way not everyone always give the right reply. I don't always often like others I struggle where to start however,  see few suggestions below:
  • Say your name
  • Profession  (keep it short)- no need to elaborate on your unused college and university degrees. 
  • No one is really interested in your single or married status
  • Or your sexual preferences -straight,lesbian, gay, bi-sexual (if you like swing both sides, nobody cares), nor how your village people have been disturbing you in the night.
  • Absolutely no mention of religion, unless you are asked, kinda reminds me about someone who came for a job interview (reversed roles) asked the interviewer if he knew Jesus such obnoxious lack of boundaries. Some people can shout Jesus down your throatoooo. Fear them. 

This Is How I usually Reply

  • My full name without MRS, I don't always need that decoration- it does not define who I am and don't even think I am a feminist either. 
  • What you do for a living (says a lot about you), without too much elaboration, unless it relates to a job description then sell yourself 'well well' here with few examples like how you have managed small group (managerial skill), event organiser, charity work ( consciencious),sporty (enthusiasm), work with children/old people (patience). 
  • Religion will matter if Pastor Adeboye has invited you for pastoral or clergy post in Redeemed Church. 
  • Politics is rarely crucial unless as in Nigeria APC or PDP, tell them all the lies they want to hear.🙂 You might even leave the interview room with 'ghana-must-go-' full of cash.
  • That you are an ardent reader, well travelled- reflection of how well informed, multiple-cultured, enlightened you are. Please not the way our naija have bastarised Dubai.