Such Generous Gesture Keeps A Permanent Smile On My Face. Love..... Love…...!

Good News!

I woke up and saw this positive review from Jennifer Camejo, a complete stranger I have never met! It reads ' Good fresh feeling, your website is stunning'. Followed by a notification from my website providers new viewing figure currently at 30,293.  

I can only give praise to God Almighty, family & friends and genuine fans: my solid supporters. When you don't get a simple word like 'congratulations' from other so called friends and family' who chose to remain silent people you've known for years, who phones you almost everyday, bore you senseless with their problems, you will understand why this gesture from Jennifer Camejo means to me.  

These same people who have never commented on my websites are frequently asking me to assist them to write books they've been struggling to write for years. They've also sent me Whatsapp and F'Book Messengers to show them tips on how to blog. Rather than replying directly to these individuals, I do general blog posts in response to their requests.

These people include church pastors, lawyers, doctors in high government positions, people who selfishly appear and disappear in my life when it suit them, sneak in and sneak out and resurface with tales you really don't want to know. They expect you to care about them when they don't give a hoot about you! Users who just don't care.       

I am In Amazon Bestseller Rank!

Shows how many books are sold hourly or daily but authors have to sell enough books to qualify or rank as best sellers. The big figure is the rank position not the number of books sold. The rank position place the author in certain ranks that fluctuates hourly or daily depending on book sale.  

I am currently in no 42 position in national and international cookery book then in position 555 in restaurant cookbooks. These positions change frequently based on global books publication. I am absolutely ecstatic over the moon for this achievement. Some authors have never achieved this rank so kudos to my contemporary authors who have reached this literary milestone .         


Prince Charles who is currently in Nigeria said in his speech that he isn't getting involved in JOLLOF RICE culinary war btw Nigeria and Ghana . He should just enjoy the 'red rice' ...jare!Wild

Humility & Success Are Synonymous

Someone I thought I knew has been sharing poorly sourced posts on her F'Book wall quoting unreliable 'facts' and figures about domestic violence and child abuse cases without official research government website links to support her claim. As a friend, I drew her attention to these sentitive issues awash by too many mistakes and to save her the embarrassment of being constantly corrected by people on her FB thread.  I didn't quite get to the point when she snapped back with a venomous smirk ' I know exactly what I am doing!' 

No___ she didn't know what she was doing ____not when people were advising her to check reliable statistics and get her facts and figures right. I quickly learned that when you don't listen and heed to advice, you will continue making the same mistakes and forever stick in the rut. Listen, not many people wear humility well not when pride goes before a fall. I pray she is still standing.